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Colored candles What days should we light them for best results?

Colored candles and their days

Candles are a source of spirituality. They enhance the results of spells and rituals and illuminate our path in life.

This important religious and spiritual element is since ancient times an ingredient in rituals whose color and typology contains a meaning, a powerful quality and an important spiritual path.

Candles are distinctive elements of any ritual, as lighting them is a symbol of devotion and faith that purifies, drives away darkness and negative vibes.

However, we must know that the uses and properties of candles may vary depending on the color and depending on the day of the week that we light them.

It should be noted that colored candles They have a specific day of the week during which their power increases, so it is the best time to use them in our rituals and prayers.

Important: Remember that candles should always be used with good intentions, either looking for our good or that of our loved ones, without deception or curses involved.

Meaning of colored candles and their days:

Let's see next, which day of the week is better to use the different colored candles.

White candle meaning

Monday: White Candles

On Mondays, purifying candles are usually placed, to drive away doubts, fears and confusion.

White candles provide us with benefits such as:

  • help and enhance rituals to ask for peace and tranquility, serenity and fertility
  • establish communication with difficult or lost people
  • They help us start the week by purifying the spaces of the home and meditating on our plans and projects.

Also through its light we clarify the mind and find energy and enthusiasm to face challenges and find the right path.

Tuesday: Red Candles

The meaning of red candles

Tuesdays are the days for rituals of strength and powerIt is the special moment to gain strength and move on.

Also on Tuesday we can use the red candles for passionate love and enhance sexuality. Through its light we ask for strength, energy, vitality, beginnings, and conflict resolution.

The red candles used on Tuesdays:

  • They will enhance any type of ceremonies and rituals related to love.
  • Strengthen any request inspired by the power of love and relationships
  • Health requests will gain momentum this day of the week.

It is also good to use red candles for specific spiritual cleansings that day of the week. This way we will attract good vibes and positive energy to the home.

Wednesday: Violet Candles

Purple candle and its day

Wednesdays are days to use purple candles for meditation rituals and support in the face of major obstacles that involve the expenditure of a lot of time and energy.

Violet candles give us virtues such as:

  • It is a good day to ask for an end to the loneliness that surrounds us.
  • We can ask for religious tolerance, changes in life, enhance spirituality, change the bad situation or streak, do meditation.
  • They repel negativity, and have a high degree of spiritual energy that we can use on Wednesdays to harmonize our home and strengthen ties of love and faith with family and loved ones.

These powerful candles can be used in various shades such as lilac, deep purple and violet and all are aimed at achieving goals.

These tones also have a special place in Wednesday rituals, in order to achieve our goals and purposes in life.

Thursday: Blue Candles

Meaning of the blue candle

Thursdays are high energy days to perform rituals of mastery and overcoming difficult situations.

If we are in a bad streak of our life, this is the best day to perform rituals with blue candles that help us get out of the quagmire and move on.

These rituals will help us find power, confidence, and material well-being. We can also ask for peace in difficult cases and tranquility for our family.

On Thursdays we use the blue candles to:

  • Ask for serenity at home if we have problems,
  • defuse tensions after disputes
  • eliminate the bad vibe,
  • ask for trust and happiness for the cohabitants of the home.

In addition, the blue candles help to encourage sincerity, faith, hope, love and fidelity in the family.

Friday: Candles of Orange and Green Colors

The green candle and its meaning

Fridays are special days for fertility rituals and achievement of the desired love.

As there is a combination of tones, it is said that the result of any spell that is performed that day of the week will be positive.

If a request of any kind is made, the effects of the ritual and its prompt fulfillment are enhanced.

That day we ask:

  • love, self-esteem and friendship,
  • attract customers to our business and
  • new job opportunities.

Meaning of using these shades of candles on Friday:

  • Green candles they will cleanse the negative vibe and bad thoughts with their healing power. They relieve sadness and irritation caused by negative feelings at home.
  • The orange candles They will bring optimism and warmth, as well as a great dose of energy to rediscover happiness.

These candle shades are also used on Friday in rituals of fertility, creativity, spirituality, prosperity, abundance, stability and security.

If we suffer from any ailment, it is recommended on Friday to perform healing rituals and light green candles to find health again.

Saturday: Black Candles

The meaning of the black candle

Black candles will not attract anything negativeOn the contrary, with them we can ask for good health or luck for matters of justice and legal processes.

  • They also serve for cleaning of bad energies.

Thus, Saturday is the best day of the week to perform protective and purifying rituals, as black candles are capable of absorbing all kinds of negative energies, envy, evil eye and curses.

We use them to defend ourselves from the evils that may surround us and to counteract evil spells sent towards us or those close to us.

The rituals of Saturdays with black candles:

  • They heal discord between friends or family,
  • eliminate the confusion that weighs on our spirit and
  • they create protective shields against evils and diseases of various kinds.

Sunday: Yellow or gold colored candles

Meaning of the yellow candle

Sundays are special days to ensure:

  • Our finances,
  • future plans and
  • unfinished projects.

We use the yellow or gold candles to ask for intellect and enhance communication, commerce and job opportunities in general in business or sales.

With these candles we start the week asking for light, life and energy, for peace and harmony. We also attract money and material well-being, a new job or home.

If we studyWe use Sundays to stimulate the mind and develop our intellect through the use of yellow candles. These elements will help us in study and research.

We can even perform rituals to combat diseases, weaknesses and deficiencies.

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