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The power of candles and their colors in Santeria

Santeria candles meaning

The candles They have been used in religious cults and rituals for centuries. And certainly at the beginning it was the only way to light up. But later, these elements took on a mystical meaning that has survived to this day. In Cuba, in Santeria, it is an essential religious element in altars, vaults and ceremonies, it represents faith and spiritual light.

Lighting a candle today is a symbol of devotion and a request for help and blessings. In addition, light has always had a very deep meaning, as it drives away darkness and bad energies and illuminates the path of people.

Candles have been used since ancient times in the Church as a symbol of the light of Christ. They are also a reminder of the early Christians, who celebrated mass in the catacombs by candlelight.

Spiritual meaning of the candles

El spiritual meaning of candle It is fundamentally linked to Catholicism, since in the Bible it is about Jesus:

“In him was life, and life was the light of humanity. This light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not been able to extinguish it ”(John 1: 4-5)

However, other beliefs have adopted candles as a religious expression as is the case with yoruba religion in Cuba, which, in the process of syncretism, began to use these elements in their rituals.

Candles in the Yoruba Religion

The Yoruba also adopted the custom that having a lit candle in front of the representation of the saint it is always a symbol of faith.

Formerly in Nigeria candles were not used, but the Cuban transculturation process also gave them a space in the Afro-Cuban cult.

But today, the candles They are used in numerous rituals and spiritual works of Santeria, especially when we want to give thanks, when we perform a spiritual mass, when we are going to make an offering or ask the Orisha or Eggun for help, because Ifá says that the Orishas should not eat in the dark.

Candles in Santeria and their meaning

In Santeria, many candles are chosen for their colors to light certain deities because they are possessors of great spiritual meaning and carry energy and light.

They are also offered to the protective spirits that accompany us.añano Eggun, used mainly white.

GreenOggún And OrunmilaThey provide mental health and material prosperity. Green is freshness, goodness, the relaxation of our senses.
Rojas Shango, Santa Bárbara, Elegguá and Aggayú SolaThey convey passionate love and are useful against the evil eye. Associated with changes, beginnings, fire and the intensity of feelings.
Violets For Babalú Ayé, San Lázaro and OyáAssociated with health and personal success. It is pure energy flowing, it helps to achieve spirituality.
Browns For OyáRelated to fertility, stability and intellectual capacity. When situations get difficult they have the gift of granting solutions.
Blue For Yemayá, Olokun, Virgen de Regla, Ochosi and Ibeyis They offer calm, tranquility, allow the search for peace and fidelity. Facilitates concentration and reflection to make good decisions.
YellowFor Oshún, Caridad del Cobre, Orunmila and OchosiIt attracts happiness and good academic results. It is energy, wealth, evolution and prosperity for our life.
White For Obatalá and for all Orishas in generalHelps cleansing and purifying the soul and mind, heals, revitalizes, attracts peace and good energy.

However, a candle regardless of its color is light, light that is offered in the form of gratitude, devotion, love and faith.

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