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Discover the power of Truth and Lies in this pataki by Otura Meyi

Truth and lies Otura Meyi

Pataki where truth and lies had a dispute over the land

The truth tried to provide the world with all the noble and just feelings that existed so that humanity would not suffer disappointment and lead all its actions on the path of good.

As long as the lie did not lose its temper in an effort to destroy the work of truth, which it continually slandered.

But despite this, the truth did not lose hope that the lie would redeem his negative attitude and take the path of good.

To the one who warned that doing evil to others harmed the great majority of the one who promoted evil, because little by little he was staining him with hatred and resentments.

Seeing that the lie turned a deaf ear to his advice, the truth was filled with patience, warning him that evils always had consequences.

On one occasion the lie began to proclaim that it was more powerful than the truth and that for this it deserved greater recognition.

He added that the world would be a better place if he was placed in his care and demanded that he move to the truth to give her all supremacy. 

Only the Truth shows the path that Olofi wants for his children

Otura Meyi who was the son of orunmila and listening to the words of the lie, he summoned men and women to listen to his words, in which he affirmed that the lie was a poor elixir that he manipulated with deception, leaving a bad taste in his mouth when the cunning of his claims ended.

While the truth, although hard and cold, was the best way to justice, because without adornment it made Olofin's word clear, showing the path that the Orisha wanted his children to take.

He also affirmed that the lie was swift and deceitful, and that with false promises it corrupted innocent souls.

While the truth, although slower in its gait, reached everywhere, imposing with its word the end of deceptions, defeating its opponent on the spot.

Otura Meyi concluded by stating that whoever challenges the truth by changing it for a lie:

It is destined to fail, because in spite of the force of the deceptions the truth takes time, but it arrives, leaving the slander in defeat, stripping it from starting as in the old days, leaving scars of disappointment, hard blows and many teachings.

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