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How to prepare a violin for Oshún? Learn about the history of the first violin

Violin to Oshún

Aurelia Crespo called within the Yoruba religion Oshun Migua had crowned in the rule of Osha to Powerful Oshun Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon.

She was famous for having established the playing of the violin as a tradition and form of veneration for this deity.

He was born on June 9, 1909 in Matanzas into a humble and loving family.

The First Violin for Oshún that was given in Cuba was in Matanzas

Legend has it that the queen of honey bees appeared to him in a dream and asked him to entertain her to summon another melody that was not related to the Batá Drums, going to the sweet sound of the violin was his immediate solution.

This first festival took place on September 12, 1941 in the city of bridges, this tradition soon after spread throughout Cuba, this being one of the main ways to venerate the African Venus today.

This devotee of the Yoruba religion was very famous in her hometown for her religious ceremonies, so much so that many of her ritual objects are currently exhibited in the museum that is located in the Castle of San Severiano and San Carlos in the province. of Matanzas.

Aurelia Crespo died at the age of 68 on September 29, 1977.

Despite his physical disappearance, his work remains intact, as it constitutes an important pillar within Cuban Santeria.

Let's prepare a beautiful violin dedicated to Oshún:

Our Lady of Charity
Our Lady of Charity of Copper

The adoration of Oshún, a saint syncretized in the Catholic religion with La Caridad del Cobre is not very different from how it was done in the past, because the ancient traditions today take on great value, it is as if the flame of faith never weakened and grew every day more within the hearts of Cubans.

1. Consult Oshún

To plan a violin for Oshún, you should first consult with the deity and ask him if he wants to receive the touch.

If the answer is positive, he is often asked if he wants something else, this can be from a wreath to the immolation of an animal.

2. Altar to the Goddess Oshún

An altar is mounted where the receptacle of the saint is placed, which is decorated with yellow fabrics. Sunflowers cannot be absent from a throne for Oshún, as this is his representative flower.

Two preferably yellow candles are lit, although they can also be white, these can accompanyañalaugh at an incense

3. Offerings to the Orisha of Love Oshún

Among the sweets that are offered we find those that are seasoned with syrup as these are their favorites, the drunken panetelas and the cabezotes are examples of the aforementioned.

You are offered homemade sweets such as:

  • The sweet potato,
  • the coconut candy,
  • the majarete,
  • the malarrabia and
  • the custard.

These dishes are a beautiful way to enforce the religious traditions of Cuba, since these were the first desserts that were given to the Orishas at their parties.

A beautiful fruit basket for the Orisha:

The traditional fruit basket cannot be missing, a yellow handkerchief is placed at the bottom, on top of this the fruits are introduced, this basket can be made up of many fruits, but for Oshún to receive them it is essential that it contains coconut, canistel and pineapple.

In this way, an altar for Oshún is formed with simple and affordable elements. Once everything is ready, the violin can begin.

  • Below we leave some of the offerings that you can also dedicate to the orisha.

Look at this beautiful video of a violin dedicated to the goddess Oshún:

Some of the offerings that we can offer to Oshún:

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