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Violin touches ► The gift that Oshún adores When to offer it?

Violin for Oshún

The violin dedicated to OshunIt is an offering very typical of this Island, a product of the immense syncretic process and the mixture of cultures present in Cuba since colonial times.

Thus, many elements of European culture were added to the Afro-Cuban samples, forming traditions with unique and spectacular charms.

An example is the violin, a ritual celebration of religious magic essence dedicated to the Yoruba goddess of Love and Rivers, who adores that nostalgic touch.

And it is that she is the lover of sensuality, feelings, femininity and passion.

History: the violins to enchant Oshún

The stories tell that it was Aurelia Crespo who offered the first violin to Oshún, on September 12, 1941, on Calle San Rafael, in Matanzas.

She, a devoted daughter of the Orisha, offered to Oshún his Violin followed by the foundation drum, a celebration that pleased the Goddess and that the people adored, because after the ritual, renowned dance orchestras also participated in the celebration.

Although only some string instruments and batá drums were used to call the Orishas to participate in festivities and dances in their honor, the use of violins and their music as a rhythmic basis to enchant Oshún and entertain her spread throughout all of Cuba.

And although the playing of the violin differs from the festive ritual ceremonies of the Rule of Osha, the offering also includes songs, dances, prayers, objects of worship, costumes, drinks, knowledge of the dead, food to the saint, preparation of the throne, preparation of the plaza and the violin itself, characteristic elements of every Yoruba touch.

  • Below we leave some of the works that can be offered in gratitude to the orisha.

El Violin is a religious sign that the goddess accepts with love:

To make the offering of the violin to Oshún, five daughters of the goddess are placed in front of the throne with their fans, perfume, flowers, two or five violins and cello, sometimes accompaniedañatwo piano and handsaw.

Thus, the five dancers incarnate the goddess of rivers and stroll through the crowd imitating her dance and sensual movements, combined with the nostalgic and beautiful touches of the violins.

When should we offer a Violin to the Orisha Oshun?

The Violin to Oshún it can be marked as ebbó (cleaning) when some Oddun (signs) come out like Ogbe she or Oshe meji.

The Orisha can also request it through a saint's horse or when a fault has been committed against Oshún or his devotees and they want to appease their anger, because the goddess of Love adores this ceremony.

In the same way, a Violin can be offered to Oshún out of love or gratitude, as a token of our devotion and as a way of thanking him for filling us with blessings and guiding us on the spiritual path.

Many say that the Violin is offered to Oshún as the queen that she is, since in the past instrumental music entertained kings and their courts.

A beautiful video of a Violin to Oshún:

Some powerful offerings you can offer to Oshún:

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