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I pray to the White Virgin Mother of God intercede and be our refuge!

White virgin

The White Virgin or as Santa María la Blanca is also called, It is an invocation made to the Virgin Mary, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, her image is venerated around the world, but especially in Spain.aña.  

The origin of its name is given by the whiteness of the material with which the sculpture was made.

Through this the purity of the Virgin is represented, which can be associated with the Immaculate Conception and the chastity of the saint, a requirement to which it owes its title.

White in turn represents innocence and peace, virtues for which we fight to be preserved to make this world a better place for future generations.

Veneration of the White Virgin through her prayer.

Mother of God and our mother, the kindest heart of God, delight of the adored trinity and worthy of all the veneration and tenderness of angels and men.

The heart most similar to the heart of Jesus, whose perfect image you are.

Heart full of goodness always compassionate to our miseries, worthy to warm our cold hearts and mold them to the likeness of the heart of Jesus.

Infuse them with the love of your virtues and inflame them with the blessed fire with which you always purify us.

In you let the holy church find refuge, be her guardian and her always sweet refuge, her tower of strength, impregnable against the attacks of all her enemies.

Be the path that leads to Jesus, be the channel through which we receive all the graces necessary for our salvation.

Be our help in need, our comfort in trouble, our strength in temptation, our refuge in persecution, and our help in danger.

But especially we ask for your help in the last fight of our life, at the moment of our death, when all hell will be unleashed against us to snatch our souls, in that terrible moment, those dark hours on which our eternity depends, then tender. Virgin make us feel how great is the sweetness of your maternal heart and how great is your power received from your son Jesus.

Open to ourselves to the very fountain of mercy, a safe haven, so that one day we too can join you in heaven to praise you forever. Amen.

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