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Prayer to Oshún and the Charity of Copper against dangers and enemies

Virgin of Charity of Copper prayer to Oshún

¡Oh Virgin of Charity of Cobre and Oshún! Divine protectors, we come to you with humility and faith, seeking your protection and guidance. We pray for your intercession to overcome the obstacles that loom over our path, to ward off the dangers that lie in wait for us and to dispel our hidden enemies. We entrust to his goodness every situation that reveals us and makes us fear, trusting in his healing power and his unconditional love. May your light illuminate our path and your strength sustain us in every battle!

Oh, Oshún and Virgin of Cobre, divine protectors of our waters and of all your devoted children! Hear our words as we trace the history of your goodness and mercy.

In the clear and serene rivers, Oshún, your beauty was the envy of everyone, and in your desperate flight, the waters of the river welcomed you into their protective embrace, carrying you towards the grace of Yemayá, the goddess of the sea.

Oh, Yemayá, loving mother of the oceans, you took Oshún under your care and gave her a home in your waters, where she lives surrounded by the beauty of your marine creations.

And you, Virgen del Cobre, protector of Cuba, they found you floating in the sea, radiating your divine light over the waters, to become the beloved mother of all Cubans.

Blessed are your sacred waters, where the devotion of two cultures converge, where Oshún and the Virgin of Copper unite in a single heart!

May your goodness and protection always accompany us, guiding us along the path of faith and hope, filling our homes and hearts with health, prosperity and love.

So be it. 🙏🌊✨

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