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What is the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre asked for? Powerful prayer

Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, what are you asking for?

It is the tradition of Cubans wherever they are, to pray to the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre to ask for her blessing.

Cubans and many other religious around the world are so devoted to the Patron Saint of Cuba that they always call her to thank her for her blessing, in times of need and pain and in any situation that life imposes on us.

Cachita, as many call it, protects her children at all times, that is why we entrust ourselves to her to keep all evil from us and our family.

The image of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, or the Virgin Mambisa, is found in the town of El Cobre, in the province of Santiago de Cuba and there it is paid homage every September 8, in syncretism with the Orisha Ochún, the Yoruba goddess of love and money, owner of fresh waters.

We are going to venerate the Virgen del Cobre

Every September 8, the devotees of the Caridad del Cobre and the Orisha Oshún, go to the Sanctuary of the Copper, located in Santiago de Cuba, loaded with sunflowers, which is the favorite flower of the deities, yellow and golden candles, and even offerings of garments and food to entertain them on their day.

Many kneel and pray to the Virgin for:

  • Health and ward off disease,
  • an economic improvement and attract abundance,
  • open roads with luck and prosperity
  • love, unity and faith in hearts.  

In addition, they thank the Virgin for all the joys she has granted them.

Other believers do not go to the Sanctuary, but instead present their expressions of respect and devotion in their home, on an altar or before an image of Charity and they also come to the rivers, the natural temple of Oshún, to speak to the goddess and ask her for her help.

No matter where the place is, the deities will always recognize our displays of faith.

We should always communicate with them with devotion and respect, through prayers.

How to pray to Caridad del Cobre to open the roads for us?

Next, we share a prayer to Caridad del Cobre to ask her to open the paths of life with health, love and luck.

  • Before that, light a white or yellow candle and in his name, or in front of an image or representation of the Holy Orisha, do this prayer with faith.

Most Holy Virgin of Charity, my Mother and Sovereign Lady,

You who comfort the afflicted and preserve families from all misfortune,

You who protect the lovers and wrap them in your mantle of peace and tenderness

Lady, the souls that invoke you cry out for your miracles, with the trust and love that all your children profess for you.

Virgencita de la Caridad, I know that you are listening to me, and that you are by my side and by my family

Cachita, today I ask you to open my ways, so that I can advance confidently and safely

Allow me to achieve my goals and remove the obstacles that want to stop me and collapse

Blessed Virgin, guide me with your light and smile at me with blessings of love, prosperity and health

Do not abandon me in this time of need, my mother, help me to achieve happiness

So be it, amen

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