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Virgin of Lourdes with this prayer I ask you, Redeem the traces of sin!

Virgin of Lourdes miraculous prayer

Nuestra Señora de Lourdes She is a saint corresponding to the Catholic cult, venerated for her miracles related to the health of bodies and the redemption of souls.

His appearance since ancient times has been a source of great veneration on the part of devotees, who fervently venerate his image because they consider it close to the image of the Almighty.

Being his sanctuary one of the most visited temples in the world, which is located in the Grotto of Massabielle in France.

Pius XII wrote multiple tributes to Our Lady of Lourdes, but none did her as much justice as the Prayer we offer below.

Prayer that is invoked to obtain the redemption of the soul in the consensual faith under the doctrine that Christ saves his children by guiding them along the path of good and love of neighbor.

How will this prayer help us Nuestra Señora de Lourdes?

With this prayer, the protection of the patron saint of the sick, the virgin guardian of hospitals, is obtained, asking her for the peace, love, trust and faith that is needed to weigh the tests sent to man on his pilgrimage through life .

Demonstrating that in human existence the word of God is needed to find everything that magnifies, does not destroy and that is needed to build a happier world and eliminate traces:

  • From sin,
  • envy and
  • sentiments alien to the charity of the family abode. 

Miraculous prayer to the Virgin of Lourdes in search of redemption.

Docile to the invitation of your maternal voice, O Immaculate Virgin of Lourdes, we come to your feet in the humble grotto where you appeared to show the lost the path of prayer and penance, dispensing to those who feel the graces and wonders of your goodness. .

Receive, oh compassionate queen, the praises of peoples and nations, united in struggle and bitterness, they lift up confidently to you.

¡Oh white vision of paradise! Away from the spirits the darkness of error with the light of faith.

Oh mystical rose, help downcast souls with the celestial perfume of hope.

O inexhaustible source of healthy waters, revive hardened hearts with the wave of divine charity.

Make us your children, comforted by you in sorrows, protected in dangers, supported in struggles, to love and serve your sweet Jesus and merit eternal joys with you. Amen.

Saints who help us and protect us from dangers:

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