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Beautiful prayer to the Virgin of Regla to ask for a special miracle

Virgin of Regla prayer

The legend of the protector of sailors, the Virgen de Regla, tells that her statue was commissioned by Saint Augustine and later moved by the deacon Saint Cipriano during the Vandal invasion of the southern coast of Spain.aña.

After the story of the miracles of the Virgin spread, the image remained in the port city of Chipiona and was venerated in the local monastery by Augustinian canons and African hermits.

Later, the veneration of the Virgen de Regla spread to many countries around the world, and its patron saint festival coincides with the birthday of the Virgin Mary on September 8.

The devotion to "Our Lady of Regla" or Virgen de Regla is practiced today with great fervor in Cuba and other countries such as Spain.aña, the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and the Netherlands.

How to pray to the miraculous Virgencita de Regla?

And it is that the miraculous Virgin of Regla is adored by Cubans in Santería in Syncretism with the Orisha Mother, Queen of the Sea, Yemayá.

Both deities are paid homage in the same cult that reaches the Sanctuary of the town of Regla, facing the waters of the Havana bay.

We go to the church and to the salty waters to pray with respect, affection and great faith to the Virgin and the Orisha.

We ask for love, health and prosperity, among many other requests.

Many devotees also come to pray for miracles, trusting that the Virgencita de Regla will always respond to difficult and desperate requests that arise with faith and from the heart.

This is how we ask the Virgin of Regla for a miracle with a prayer

  • First choose a quiet place, either at home, near the sea or in a space full of peace.
  • If you have a picture or a representation of the Virgin pray in front of her
  • Light a white or blue candle in his name to invoke his power and help.
  • Pray with great faith, love and humility this prayer:

Oh Virgin of Regla, Our sovereign Queen and Mother, Our Lady of the Regla

I humbly kneel before you, you who are the source of goodness and mercy.

I ask you lady, to be my protector against all evils and miseries,

I implore you to grant me a miracle, with your infinite mercy

Show yourself as a tender mother and remove with your blanket of salt water the evil that surrounds me and the sorrow that overwhelms me.

Do the miracle I need, miraculous Virgin of Regla and give me your generous help and your holy protection.

Help me to be a humble and always grateful son, Amen

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