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Virgen del Carmen, the protector of the Sailors

Virgen del Carmen

España It is the essential place of worship for the Virgen del Carmen.

There, many Spanish towns celebrate festivals every July 16 in honor of their patron saint, the Virgin of Carmen, especially those that are surrounded by coast and sea.

That day the sailors decorate their boats with flowers, ribbons and signal flags, and carry the Virgin in procession through the streets, until they lead her a few miles into the sea, to bless the waters.

Legend has it that, in the XNUMXth century, the Superior General of the Carmelite Fathers of the Cambridge convent, Saint Simon Stock, was presented with the virgin of Carmen, with a scapular that gave way to heaven to its wearer.

She promised the superior that anyone who died with his scapular would never go to hell and since then that invocation is highly worshiped in the Catholic religion.

The superior Saint Simon Stock called her “star of the seas,” and from then on all sailors entrusted themselves to her. virgin of Carmen to ask for his protection as he plows through the dreaded ocean waters.

Miracles of the Star of the Seas

The miracles attributed to this virgin are related to the sea, which means that even today many seafarers entrust themselves to her.

They say that she performed the miracle of the Galileo, a merchant ship that was shipwrecked in 1913 off Caño Island, in Costa Rica.

It is said that the owner of the ship began a prayer to the Virgen del Carmen for his sailors and that all the people were praying in the temple next to him so that the entire crew survived.

Legends also say that in 1845 the English ship Ocean's King 'was going through a storm, and one of the crew begged the virgin for salvation.

Another crew member took off the scapular of the Virgin that was hanging around his neck and threw it into the sea, at which point the storm ended and a wave returned the scapular to the ship.

Cult of the Virgen del Carmen in Cuba

In several countries of Latin America the Virgen del Carmen, thanks to the process of transculturation and mixing brought about by the Spanish conquest. In Cuba the Virgin is celebrated and worshiped every July 16.

The sailors seek her comfort before sailing the waters and the women pray to her as the protector of women.

In Afro-Cuban culture, the Virgen del Carmen syncretizes in the Yoruba religion with the Orisha of the sparks, Oyá, mistress of the wind, storms and ruler of death and spirits.

Between Neptuno and Concordia streets there is a beautiful building that shelters the faith of many devotees, La Church and Convent of Our Lady of Carmen.

In the main tower of the church rests the magnificent bronze sculpture of the Virgen del CarmenHe wears a long robe and holds a child on his left arm. Inside, a beautiful temple rests, with possessing altars of great beauty with high patrimonial and religious value.

Prayer to the Virgen del Carmen:

Let us make this prayer and prayer to Our Lady of Carmen with great faith for difficult cases, to ask for protection and to ask her to intercede when we have problems and help us to get ahead with her blessing.

Most Holy Virgin of Carmen; I wish that all without exception take shelter under the protective shadow of your holy Scapular, that all be united to You, my Mother, by the close and loving ties of this your beloved Insignia.

Oh beauty of Carmel! See us prostrate reverently before your sacred image, and grant us your loving protection benignly.

I recommend to you the needs of our Holy Father, the Pope, and those of the Catholic Church, our Mother, as well as those of my nation and those of the whole world, my own and those of my relatives and friends.

Look with compassionate eyes on so many poor sinners, heretics and schismatics, how they offend your divine Son and so many infidels as they groan in the darkness of paganism.

May all convert and love you, my Mother, as I wish to love you now and for all eternity. So be it.

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