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The Virgin of the Swan: Miraculous saint who gives health and helps the needy

Virgin of the Swan

The apparition of the Virgin of the Swan It dates from October 12, 1594, and its image is related to divine health and salvation.

It is said that, in those years, the parish of El Cisne was hit by a great drought and by a plague of rats that destroyed the fields.

Thus, an immense famine occurred throughout the territory. People were starving and no harvest was achieved in those lands.

Many people were forced to flee the area and emigrate in search of better land. But bringing divine salvation, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared there and told the locals that they should build a church there, as she would assist them so that they would not be hungry again.

Legend has it that this is how the Virgin Mother of God told them:

“Trust me, because I am going to help you and protect you so that you will never be hungry again; here I want to assist you and build in this place a temple, that there I will always be with you. "

The habitaBefore the parish followed the words of the Virgin and when the Church was built in her honor, the rains began to fall, the fields turned green and there was never a lack of food in the El Cisne Parish.

Is toMarian invocation It is an Ecuadorian legend of divine salvation

The Virgin of the Swan is a Marian invocation of the Catholic Church, whose cult center is located in the Basilica of El Cisne, in the El Cisne parish, Loja province, Ecuador.

It is the most revered Marian invocation in that country.

There are many believers of La Virgen de El Cisne in the Ecuadorian town. There, at the initiative of Simón Bolívar, every year, on August 15, devotees from all over gather to worship her, calling Mary "the mother of God" by the name of Virgin of El Cisne, and asking her for prosperity and health.

Many faithful assure that the Virgin Mary, through the image of The Swan, has helped the parish and has performed numerous miracles related to the health of the habitabefore the territory and help to make their lands prosper.

Pilgrimage in honor of the Virgen de El Cisne

Every year around 500 thousand pilgrims attend the pilgrimage in honor of the Virgen del Cisne that takes place from August 15 to 20.

The faithful move the image of the Virgin from her sanctuary to Loja, traveling around 75 kilometers in three days.

The pilgrimage begins from El Cisne on August 17 and the faithful arrive at the parish of San Pedro de la Bendita that same day.

On August 18, the Virgin of the Swan She leaves for Catamayo, where she stays on August 19 and continues her journey on the 20th towards the city of Loja, where she is received by many believers who pray and thank her until her return to the sanctuary on November 1.

Petitions of faith: Prayer to our lady of the Swan

Sovereign protector Virgin of the Swan.

You, who never abandoned the one who invokes,

comforter of the afflicted,

special protector of afflicted souls.

When I come to tell you my pains,

to entrust my sorrows to you and to shed tears to your plants in memory of my own who suffer,

of those I love, of those that death has snatched away.

In my last agony, in this terrible passage of time

to eternity you are my hope, My Mother remember me. So be it.

Make my heart fill with joy when I receive your divine graces, from a good mother.

O Jesus our Savior who wanted your Mother,

the Most Glorious Virgin Mary,

was venerated in the beautiful image of Our Lady of the Swan;

kindly grant us, that we know how to imitate faithfully

in this world the Christian witness of such a Holy Mother and

Queen, whose praises we hope to sing in heaven.

You who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

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