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What virgin is Yemayá in the Catholic religion? I pray to the protective mother

Virgin Yemaya

For the Yoruba Yemayá is the superior deity of their temple, she was the first to be born when Olofi created the world, she represents the womb as a source of life, fertility and evolution.

This Yoruba Orisha is the one who dominates nature and creativity; Yemayá is believed to be the daughter of Olokun, the great divinity of the seas.

The main mythological stories of Yemayá place her as one of the main Orishas that is present from the beginning of creation.

Yemayá and her Afro-Cuban syncretism:

The Virgin of Regla protector of the waters
Our Most Holy Lady of Regla

In the Rule of Osha (Santeria) Yemayá syncretizes with the Virgin of Regla, an invocation of the Virgin Mary highly venerated in Cuba for being merciful and just.

The representative colors of both deities are navy blue and white, because in nature the ocean water represents them.

Yemayá and its Catholic equivalent in Afro-Cuban syncretism celebrate their religious festival in September, on the 7th.

Both Yemayá and the Virgin of the Rule, are shown as a divinity in solidarity with their children, distinguished by their kindness and nobility towards humanity.

Yemayá enjoys great popularity and devotion in other countries, apart from Cuba, such as Brazil, where it is celebrated every December 8, together with the Virgen de la Concepción.

This African goddess in Brazil is known as Jemanjá.

Why are both deities venerated in the cult of Santería?

This beautiful union of Santa and Orisha, is united by a particularity, they are female deities of salty waters.

Analyzing the characteristics of both religious figures, the similarities between them can be clearly seen; Both the Blessed Virgin of Regla and Yemayá symbolize motherhood and offer guidance and protection against the dangers of the sea.

This process of transculturation began to develop when thousands of Africans were forcibly transferred to the American continent, this brought with it a mixture of culture and religion, which has been inherited to this day.

Many people today do not agree with the so-called syncretism developed in Santería, or the Osha Rule, but this does not leave behind the faith of thousands of devotees who trust and venerate both deities in a single cult, following the heritage of our ancestors. .

And it is not only shown in this union, but in many others such as, for example:

  • Oshun, queen of the fresh waters of the world, of streams, springs and rivers, is associated with the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre;
  • Changó, Orisha of war and justice, is equivalent in the Catholic religion to Santa Bárbara.

And it is certain that when our African ancestors heard the story of the Virgin of Regla, they did not hesitate to understand that it was the spirit of Yemayá, which is why they united both in a single faith.

How do we venerate the power of the Holy Orisha?

As we have seen, religious syncretism has determined until today that on the island Yemayá is compared to the Virgen de Regla, patron saint of a small town on the shores of the Bay of Havana.

Every September 7 in Cuba there is a wave of adoration for the little virgin, who joins in the same sea of ​​faith Yemayá, the Orisha of the Egba people, known in the Yoruba religion as the mother of the sea, protector of the home, the family, boats, fish and fishermen.

Knowing who Yemayá is in the Catholic religion also brings us closer to understanding and connecting with the protective spirit of this deity.

The offerings to Yemayá go to the sea:

Yemayá's dance simulates the movement of the waves of the sea, she dominates the waters and calms or infuriates them, being the most powerful of the Orishas, ​​and from her natural temple she receives her offerings.

Therefore, by making offerings to Yemayá, always having faith and love for her, you will obtain gifts such as protection, fertility, love and prosperity, among many others.

Yemayá is with those who invoke her, tastes with pleasure the sugar of the melao, and gladly receives the songs, prayers and prayers, and thus she makes her power reach her faithful devotees.

To Yemayá, a beautiful prayer to protect us

One should never hesitate to invoke Yemayá in the face of any difficulty, because she, like any mother, attends to her children's affairs with haste.

  • Light a white or blue candle, and while you pray, leave it lit, so that light also helps and guides you.
  • You can also venerate her with offerings, at the end we leave some with the step-by-step procedure for you to venerate her.

Beautiful and divine mother, protector of fishermen and oceans, who governs humanity, and gives us protection.

Oh, sweet Yemayá, cleanse our auras, free us from all temptations, remove all evils, diseases, enemies and injustices from our path.

You are the force of nature, a beautiful goddess of love and kindness (make the request), with great faith in you, mother goddess, I make this great plea that today anguishes and saddens me.  

Help us by freeing all impurities from our souls and may your great blue mantle of water protect us, giving us health and peace. Let this be your will. So be beautiful mother!

Meet some beautiful offerings for Yemayá:

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