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3 Miraculous Virgins who protect Cubans with their Blessed Mantle

Miraculous virgins

Cuba, a country of immense faith, mixed beliefs and cultural touches everywhere, entrusts itself to the care of those it considers its protectors, its guides.

African cult deities join exponents of Catholicism in a mythical syncretism that has forever colored national roots and identity. And to them, the Cuban people turn their gaze and raise their prayers, asking for their eternal blessing, their help in difficult situations, their guidance to face problems and prosper ... their protection.

Numerous ceremonies make up the Catholic and santeros rites, and thus Cubans ask for the help of powerful deities in different aspects of life such as love, prosperity, health, etc.

However, some Virgins, syncretized in worship with Orishas, ​​stand out for their legend and closeness to Cubans, which is why they are considered miraculous virgins and protectors of the people, among them Santa Bárbara, Caridad, the Virgen de Regla and the Virgen de las Mercedes, the most adored.

La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, The beautiful Patroness of Cuba

Our Lady of Charity
Our Lady of Charity of Copper

Better known as the Patroness of Cuba, the Virgin of Charity of CopperShe is one of the saints that Cubans entrust the most to. Legends say that her image was found floating in the eastern bay of Nipe, which was considered a miracle and since then she has been the protector of the Island.

There is no Cuban who does not know the patron saint of Cuba, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in the Catholic religion, who syncretizes in the Yoruba religion and the Afro-Cuban culture with Oshún, reigns the sweet waters of the world, the streams, springs and rivers , and Goddess of love and fertility.

The Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre is venerated in the Sanctuary of El Cobre located in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba. Hundreds of people go there every day on sacred pilgrimage, to ask the Virgin for her blessing and to thank her for the little joys of life.

Every September 8 is celebrated the day of the Charity of Copper, together with the cult of the Orisha Oshun and Cubans go to the El Cobre sanctuary, the rivers and the altars built in their own houses with flowers, candles, food offerings and personal items as gifts in gratitude for the blessings received.

And from there they pray to him for well-being, love, health and prosperity.

The Virgin of Regla, the one who protects and covers the seas with her mantle

Our Lady of Regla
Our Lady of Regla

The Virgin of Regla, the protector of the Bay, is the patron saint of the Havana town that bears her name and which is located in front of the Bay of Havana. Legend has it that the fishermen of the town invoked her when they went out to sea, to protect them and help them return safely to their families.

It is said that the Virgen de Regla was a symbol ordered to be carved in Spain.aña, an invocation of the Virgin Mary who saved a monk and helped him safely cross the extremely dangerous Strait of Gibraltar.

Thus, the cult of this Marine Virgin reached Regla, formerly known as Guaicanamar, in the seventeenth century, and it was worshiped by means of a painting painted in oil, located in the first hermitage of guano built in that place.

Then a Castilian brought to Cuba the statue of the Black Virgin, which was placed in what is now the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla, a place where hundreds of people come to ask for the blessings of the mother of the seas.

In the Yoruba religion, the Virgin of Regla syncretizes with the Orisha Yemaya, the mistress of the sea, goddess of fertility and protector of pregnant women.

Currently the Virgin of Regla is the miraculous deity who blesses the community and an entire people. Cubans bring her mostly white roses, the holy orisha's favorite flower, and offerings of fruits and blue candles to ask for her blessing and thank her for her constant protection.

The Virgin of the Mercedes, the protector and savior of the World

Virgin of the Mercedes in Cuba
Our Lady of the Mercedes

We pray to her for freedom, because she is the Virgin guardian, the protector of the prisoners. The Virgin of the Mercedes, owner of purity, is one of the most recognized deities in Cuba. The islanders ask her for her protection and blessings. All dressed in white emanate peace and justice.

The Virgin of Las Mercedes is considered the patron saint of prisoners, lady of forgiveness and peace. In his mercy, he always comes to the aid of the prisoners and answers their prayers.

In America, the cult of the Virgen de las Mercedes began when Francisco Pizarro arrived in Peru accompaniedañaby religious of the Order of La Merced, who inspired the cult of Mary, Mother of God, under the invocation of "María de Las Mercedes".

From that moment, the devotion to the miraculous Virgin spread to many countries in Latin America, where she is considered the virgin of liberty, protector and generous. Many are the territories that have her as patron saint and protector of the community.

Cubans also venerate her and pray to her in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy located on Cuba and Merced streets, in Old Havana.

The Virgen de las Mercedes syncretizes as part of the process of transculturation of Catholicism and the Yoruba religion, with the older Orisha, Obatalá, the strongest of the orishas, ​​creator of the earth and sculptor of the human being, the eldest father of humanity in the Yoruba religion.

Another Saint much adored for her great strength and the miracles she grants is the Santa Barbara, to whom we raise our prayers in the most difficult cases seeking his help, because his power against evil and enemies is gigantic. We dedicate the following prayer to her...

Prayers, prayers and powerful prayers to the Saints:

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