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5 samples of FE that we can offer to Santa Barbara on her Eve

Santa Barbara's Eve

The miraculous saint, the protector of Cubans, celebrates her day on December 4, in syncretism with the Orisha of Thunder, the warrior Shango.

Both are among the most revered deities in Cuba, who they ask for protection against enemies and injustices and help to overcome obstacles and difficult situations.

The feast of Santa Barbara is December 4 all over the world. It is fundamentally celebrated in España and in many countries of America the day of the patron saint, in which people dress in her color, red, and go to numerous sanctuaries to worship her and ask for her blessings.

Santa Barbara Day in Cuba, her devotees arrive at the National Shrine dedicated to the saint, located in the neighborhood of Párraga, in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, bringing flowers and candles to entertain her.

But there are many who venerate her in their homes with an image or a personal altar. There they give him offerings, light candles and ask for his blessings.

How to celebrate Santa Barbara and look forward to her day?

Prayers on the eve of Santa Barbara

There are simple ways to venerate Santa Barbara, always keeping in mind that she must be celebrated with great faith and showing her all our love.

Furthermore, he likes his devotees to be strong in spirit and fighters, in order to support them until they achieve what they set out to do.

Let's see some samples of faith as a form of devotion that the Saint enjoys in her day:

1. Red roses for the Saint

The favorite flower of Santa Barbara is the red rose, not only because it shows its favorite color and the one that symbolizes it, but also because it represents the passion and strength of character that its children and devotees have as its main qualities.

2. Offer red or white candles

To pray to Santa Barbara it is always good to light white or red candles for her. White is the tone dedicated to all the saints and red is its representative color.

The candle will give light and provide the environment to pray and thank him.

3. Prepare a simple Altar dedicated to Santa Barbara

Altar on the eve of Santa Barbara

We can dedicate a simple altar at home to Santa Barbara, usually decorated with flowers and red candles.

There we place his representation in a statue or image and at his feet we can offer him red apples, his favorites and fill it with roses and red candles. We can also decorate the altar with elements of its color, and añaSay a glass of red wine.

You can put sweets or make some with your own hands at home, such as sweet flour or torrejas. Four wheels of bread with a little wine, sugar and patties with egg and flour, they will be great.

You can also put incense in it, to aromatize the environment and thus remove all negative energy and attract the positive ones.

4. Be grateful for blessings received

As Santa Bárbara values ​​the brave and fighting spirit in her devotees, she also likes them to be grateful, so we must always reserve time in her Day, to pray and thank her for her blessings, in a quiet corner where we can talk to her and dedicate our prayers to her. .

5. Prayers to the Saint of all

Prayers to the Saint are an important part of the festivities in her day. We can dedicate dissimilar prayers to him, always asking him to guide and protect us and thanking him for all his graces.

Prayer to Saint Barbara asking for her blessing and protection:

Let's see an example of a prayer to the Saint:

Saint Barbara, blessed virgin, great of immense power, may God be with you, and you with me on the path of good.

With your victorious sword, deliver me from evil, injustice, envy and evil eyes.

With the power of lightning, protect me from my enemies, glorify the fiery muzzle of my cannon and let me emerge victorious.

With the cup of your cup and wine keep the strength of my body and spirit for the hard fight and combat.

Receive my apples and daisies as an offering that I always keep in mind in my thoughts and in my home, and I beg you, never leave me and come to me whenever I claim you to defend my faith, my land, my family and my struggles; and that in the end you always take me to glory like you.


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