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do you know the way Oyá Yansa Bi Funko? The Queen of the Eggunes

Yansa Bi Funko

Oya Yansa Bí Funkó is one of the greatest avatars that exist on Oyá yansa the saint who does not know fear.

During her passage through the terrestrial plane under this name the trainer of the air currents always obtained her wishes, so she lived a life of abundance devoid of restrictions and regrets, for this it is believed that it is the most joyful representation that exists on the holy

Oya Yansa Bi Funkó is accompanyingañagives of his army by Eggunes

paths of Oyá yansa

Yansa Bi Funko is always shown in the company of his army of eggunes who manifest themselves before the enemy as a swarm of frightening and life-hungry specters.

This saint uses the deprivation of air as a punishment in the world of the living in this way she enlarges her army and collects the outstanding accounts through Ikú (death) under the direct command of Olodumare.

The Orisha Oyá exerts influence on thoughts.

This Orisha works with the power of the mind and the value of thoughts, as these are part of a large volume of her power.

Through the ideas it magnifies its destructive capacity, it is precisely through the conscience that it takes revenge before its enemies, since it is one of the few deities that can exert influence on the psyche of man.

The Power of Bi Funkó against love disappointments.

Bi Funkó is often invoked to intercede in failing marriages and to resolve love disputes.

This saint has the gift of empathy, which is why she is capable of alleviating human suffering in the sentimental sector, directly influencing self-forgiveness in the face of love disappointments and the discovery of long-standing disappointments of evolution.

Offerings made to Oya Yansa Bi Funkó.

Addimú to Oyá yansa

The offerings and tributes that are made to this deity must be made in number of two, a term that symbolizes the couple and balance.

These can be placed on park benches and fountains where lovers sit and rest.

Like red flowers, preferably roses and chocolates.

To achieve stability in marriage:

When the religious wishes to obtain stability in his marriage, he must give him gifts at the door of the marriage palace or in other places where marriages are developed, so that through the action of this saint the blessing of marriage reaches your life and you can form a happy family.

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