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Did you know Oyá Yansa Odo covers his face and discovers the Enemies?

Orisha Yansa Odo

Yansa Odo is the avatar of Oyá by which the Orisha manifests by covering her face.

In this way, she appears in public during revelations and upon being attracted to the plane of the earth by the peals of the batá drums and other bembés that are performed in her name.

Did you know this powerful path of the Orisha Oyá?

Yansa Odo Mask

This deity has a close link with the spiritual world and with the power that emanates from the lamas of men, a power from which she is holy and draws to create life and perform good actions on earth.

Odo is the astral bridge between the world of the living and the dead, enabling communication and exchange between both worlds.

This African Orisha is a great sorceress who likes to work at night, at which time she invokes her coven and in this way channels the energy that springs from the heart of mother earth.

Among its taboos impulsiveness is found, this deity advises her children to remain calm in all life circumstances.

La Oyá masked assures that the truth is the best weapon that is carried to win a battle cleanly, because only then will Olofin's blessing be obtained.

Why does Yansa Odo appear masked?

La Oyá masked is the saint who has the virtue of exposing and unmasking enemies and liars.

She is known in the Osha for her taste and fondness for costumes, the elder santeros assure that this deity is sometimes capable of manifesting itself through death itself.

Myths about the origin of the Odo mask.

Many versions exist about her masked condition.

Some believe that his mask was a direct gift from the Orisha Babalu Aye, who used it to penetrate the villages without being repudiated for its insane and purulent appearance.

Others cite that his mask was sculpted by himself. Shango as an offering of love towards the deity, being made with the wood of the ceiba, a powerful and sacred tree for the Orishas.

«Oyá Yansa Odo» the Orisha who dominates fire.

Oyá yansa odo She was the first woman capable of mastering the candle, it is believed that trying to tame the flames her power as a warrior was consolidated, her fury being manifested through these great and tempered catastrophes.

This Orisha uses fire to punish unworthy acts and enemies, leaving them the marks of her breaststroke as a sign of their evil deeds.

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