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How to do this Addimú to Yemayá to ask for her help and protection?

Addimú Yemaya

Yemayá is our Universal mother, mother of all the Orishas in the Yoruba pantheon, righteous warrior, protector and loving.

It is she, the blue goddess who dances on water and brings Ashé and luck to the lives of her children, giving intelligence and wisdom to make good decisions and lead them on the right path.

If you offer her with love, she too will offer you well-being, security and abundance.

She is Yemayá in Santeria or the Rule of Osha, mistress of the seas and all the waters, she is miraculous and venerated by all.

This offering (Addimú) to Yemayá It is for you to offer him one of his favorite delicacies and entrust him with your secrets and problems so that the unfolding reaches you.


  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 white plate
  • 2 candles
  • molasses of caña
  • grated coconut
  • Colored dragees (tiny candies used in pastry)
  • 7 cents (seven pennies)

We will prepare this offering with faith and love:

  1. First you wash the pineapple and when it is dry you put it on the white plate and place it at the foot of Yemayá.
  2. You light the candles, and then with much respect and love you ask Yemayá for your blessing.
  3. You pour the molasses of caña, make it abundant, and then you add grated coconut and finally dragees.
  4. And you say these words to Yemayá with great humility and faith.

Short prayer dedicated to the goddess Yemayá:

My queen Yemayá, mistress of the waters, here I offer you this Addimú, I hope it is to your liking (you tell her what you put).

I ask you to flood my life with health, prosperity and development.

Adored Mother, cleanse my body and soul so that all good things come to me and protect me from all evil that haunts me.

Thank you Iyá Yemayá for your great blessings.

  • Do not worry if you have not received Yemayá, you just have to trust in her power and energy, she is the mother who protects each of our steps, put faith in her and dedicate this ritual to her.

What do we do next with the fruit?

This addimú will be for 7 days in front of Yemayá and then you will take it to the sea or to the mountain, with 7 cents of duty.

That is, 7 pennies each.

Every day you should light the candles for a while and talk to her about all your problems, your desires and hopes, talk to her about love, abundance, and everything beautiful and like a mother she will listen to your prayers.

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