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September 6, Eve to venerate Yemayá and the Virgencita de Regla

Yemayá day celebration

Yemayá, the queen of the waters In the Yoruba pantheon, syncretized in the Virgin of Regla in the Catholic religion, it has been one of the most revered deities by the Cuban people throughout the centuries.

And every September 7, the day of the joint celebration of these deities, the Orisha Yemayá and the Virgin, demonstrates the strong Creole identity and recognition of the ancient African roots present in Cuba.

Both are celebrated in the same cult, the same faith.

And prayers in Spanish and Yoruba intermingle without fear in the waters of the bay, in the streets of Havana and in the beautiful Havana town of Regla, which houses the Sanctuary destined for the saint.

To them, the eternal devotion and endless gratitude of the Cuban people who consider them patrons of their waters and benefactors of humanity.

How do Cubans celebrate September 7? Yemayá Day and the Virgin of Regla  

Virgin of Regla
Virgin of Regla

The patron saint festivities of Our Lady of Regla begin on the eve of September 6 in homes and in the small temple that is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla.

Crowds dressed in blue and white, symbols of Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla, arrive in the capital city of Regla, carrying offerings, flowers and candles showing their eternal devotion.

Patron Saint festivities in Regla in honor of the deities

On September 7, they go to mass at the sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla and pray and then attend the festivities in her honor, while on the 8th, the procession takes place where the Virgin participates with all her ornaments, Catholic priests and other ministers of the church.

In the religious march religious songs are sung and prayers are raised to give thanks and ask, above all, for love, health and prosperity to the saint.

The Patron Saint Festivities of Our Lady of Regla constitute a tradition, which has been held since September 8, 1696, when the current image of the Virgin of Regla was located in the Sanctuary.

The last celebrations since we have been hit by this pandemic have been different, so it is important to venerate it from our home, remember its blessings and give thanks.

Celebrating the Holy Orisha with prayers and offerings

There are many devotees who also celebrate from their homes the Virgin of Regla and the Orisha Yemayá, agasajándolas with altars adorned with marine elements, in which they place offerings of fruits, candles and white roses.

If you can go to the sea and leave some flowers, fruits, or your favorite foods there, and light a candle on the shore of your kingdom, the sea, you can, and the orisha will feel honored and above all grateful.

They are those celebrations of traditions, heritage values ​​and folkloric rites that are filled with an eternal Cuban identity.

Each one in their own way celebrates the Saint-Orisha, thanking her, speaking to her and asking for her consolation.

What can we ask of the goddess of the sea?

Although in his day more than asking we must give thanks, we can also ask him to intercede for us.

Yemayá, the protective mother of all her children and devotees, is invoked to:

  • First of all thank you for your blessings, more so on your day.
  • Protect families and home.
  • Caring for pregnant women, assisting during childbirth, and protecting households with children.
  • Strengthen unions because it is the patron of love, especially in conflictive love affairs.
  • Beg him to open good paths in life, health and fortune.

A short prayer to Yemayá to thank for her day

My beautiful mother Yemayá I beg you for peace in my heart! Thank you for all that you give me.

Oh! Yemayá, mermaid of the sea. Sweet song that lulls the afflicted to sleep. Mother of the world, have mercy on us, blessed are the blessings that come from your kingdom.

My heart and soul open to receive your blessings. Mother who protects, who supports, who takes away all pain.

Mother of the Orishas, ​​mother who cares for and cares for her children's children. Yemayá, your light guides my thoughts and your waters wash my head.

We share some offerings to Yemayá that you can give her on her day:

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