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How do you ask permission from Yemayá to enter the Sea and open roads?

Yemayá goddess of the sea prayer

With this powerful prayer to Yemayá, the mother of the world of yoruba pantheon, you can ask him from the heart what you need, relieve your anguish and find strength in your life.

She is the absolute sovereign of homes, the protector of the family, of the womb, of life.

The most important thing is not the offering itself, but the strength and love with which it places its trust in it and thus it will come to you, in a merciful dance on the surface of the waters to bless you.

Olokun is also united and closely related to Yemayá, she is a deity that provides a lot of health, and peace in life. As the god of the depths of the ocean, you can also invoke him in its waters.

What is offered to Yemayá in the Sea?

Yemayá is always present when her devotees invoke her with faith and love.

Among the offerings that she loves, she savors with pleasure the sugar of the melao, the fruits such as watermelon and pineapple, also the songs and prayers attract her to the shores of its waters.

Arrive at her temple, be it a coast, a mouth, a beach, and try to touch its waters, feel the relief and energy that its power transmits and talks with the mother of all the Orishas.

She will accept the offerings that you give her, flowers, her favorite foods, a candle lit in her name, the important thing is that you do it with faith, thank you and make your request from kindness.

This powerful Orisha will accept like a mother when a son speaks to her all your requests, but remember that she will choose the best path for you, not always what we want is the most appropriate, we must let go, accept, trust.

  • At the end of the article we leave some rituals for Yemayá to perform them step by step.

7 reasons why we should trust the power of Yemayá

  1. Yemayá is a force of nature capable of transforming our lives, she is the Yoruba deity that governs our homes, abundance and fertility.
  2. It gives meaning to love, humility and family, especially to people who live under the same roof.
  3. It generates the deepest feelings of love between couples and families, giving meaning and strength to the bonds between father, mother and children.
  4. She is the goddess of the sea, patron saint and protector of the shipwrecked, mother of all human heads, the very womb of the world.
  5. It represents the majesty of the seas and its energy is immense as the owner of the oceans, and the salty waters.
  6. There is nothing in this world that Yemayá cannot solve, she brings health, wealth, stability and well-being in our lives.
  7. It is syncretized with the power of the Virgin of Regla, a saint who cares for and protects her children, especially if they need to cross the seas of their kingdoms.

And it is that during slavery the Africans settled their faith to strong roots, and relied on "syncretism."

A way to perpetuate their traditional cults without the intervention of their masters, who did not tolerate and considered such "pagan manifestations" unacceptable in their lands.

The prayer of Yemayá goddess of the sea, to open roads with its waters

When we go to the kingdom of the goddess Yemayá, the sea, we can invoke her with our thoughts, our words or with a prayer that helps us to converse with the mother orisha.

If you can, take a blue or white candle, and light it before you invoke it.

Hail, star of the sea, mighty goddess, mother and defender of all who sail the rough seas of life!

Your retinue of helpers, mermaids, and nymphs of the sea entrust us to your valuable protection, to be our guides, protectors, consolation and encouragement during the storms of earthly life.

We take refuge full of trust and faith in your aura and vibrant mantle.

Be our guide, be our beacon, always be our shining divine star that guides us, so that we never perish or fail towards the safe route that will make us stray from the rocks of the rough sea of ​​material life.

Accept my humble devotion as a symbol of my love and hope, so that I can walk the life path with a clear mind and body without the negative fluids that can hinder my activities.

So be it.

Some offerings and prayers that you can make to the Goddess Yemayá:

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