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Yemayá Mayelewo ≫ Oloddumare's Favorite Daughter

Yemaya Mayelewo

Mayelewo represents one of the paths of the Orisha Yemaya. He can be found in his walk through the land represented in the coastal wells or in a spring that is hidden in the heart of a forest.

This saint carries with her an amulet represented under the figure of a doll with a black complexion, which wears a blue dress with white squares. This is your messenger, your accomplice and the most faithful of your confidants.

Unknown virtues about Yemayá Mayelewo

She is a deity with deep knowledge of witchcraft and incantations, in the same way that she has notions about medicinal herbs and healing rites.

This Orisha is considered the regent of the seven marine currents, with the desire to control them habita deep in the ocean.

The responsibility of having dyed the ocean waters with indigo is attributed to him.

Mayelewo It represents a woman with large breasts and a robust figure to motherhood due to its physical appearance.

Thanks to her, the monetary exchange between men was born and commerce expanded because in ancient times only food was sold, as a result of her intervention in this field, handicrafts and pack animals began to be commercialized.

The attributes that represent it

His crown is made from all the tools of Oggun the iron Orisha.

This saint is offered a mask, some lead objects and a small guiro is placed in which she keeps some of her secrets.

On its receptacle an ékule and a necklace of orunmila the oracle of Ifá, this Orisha is considered fortune teller.

The Orisha of Prosperity

Its main virtue is stability, hence its name is translated as the one who loves development in business.

It is considered that this beautiful deity was the wife of Orisha oko, the saint in charge of the fertility of the earth.  

Why is the receptacle of this Orisha peculiar?

mayelewo habita in a large tureen which is located inside a basket, its receptacle is surrounded by 21 plates of different sizes and shapes, the basket is decorated with nine colored ribbons except black.

In front of its tureen another smaller basket is placed, inside this a scale and small representations of merchandise are placed, which may correspond to ministries and goldsmiths.

Yemayá Mayelewo, Pirate Queen

This avatar of Yemayá has among his possessions a chain with seven hooks, this deity usually sits on the ropes of the boats, being considered the patron saint of sailors and protector of the port trade.

Many religious have related it to pirates because it is presumed that in ancient times this saint traveled the seven seas in search of fortunes and territories to conquer.

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