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Planting corn for health ≫ Offering to Mother Yemayá

Yemayá offering

Yemaya She is the mother of all, the universal and very generous queen. Our prayers always reach her and she lovingly answers our prayers.

With this work you can turn to it to improve your health or someone who is sick.

Corn is an important element in our religion of the Osha Rule (Santeria), it pleases all the Orishas and is present in all ceremonies, it is a sacred plant that attracts the favor of the deities and prosperity.

A the Warriors they love it and it is offered toasted, to Shango, the Jimaguas ibeyis and obbatala in the form of flour, to Oshun y Yemaya on the cob, like a Saint Lazarus and thus, it is to the liking of all the Orishas.

Offering of corn to Yemayá to open roads

Ingredients you need:

  • Container
  • 7 ears of corn
  • White sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • 7 cents
  • 1 White candle

How to prepare the sowing in the name of Yemayá?

  1. Take a container and place the ears of corn with water, which does not cover the corn completely, that is, at the level of water.
  2. On top of each cob you add a little white sugar and brown sugar and on each one, a penny.
  3. The candle is lit and you place the container at the foot of Yemayá and ask for his blessing. You tell him what you are doing this offering for and what you want to achieve with your request.
  4. The container should leave it until the seedling grows.
  5. If you do not have Yemayá you can also do this work, trust her and it will be given to you, all you need is a lot of faith and love. You can put the planting where it is most favorable for it to prosper.

Recommendations for planting corn:

Remember that: "If water does not fall, corn does not grow."

When you see that the planting does not have water, you should pour it in and from time to time light a candle again to invoke Yemayá and ask for everything good, but above all a lot of health, because without health we are nothing.

If the sowing is born it means health, evolution, new beginnings and prosperity. If it does not bloom, you can redo the work.

In the event that the planting is prosperous and beautiful, do not remove it, let it flourish and allow that powerful energy to flow into your home. If the plant later withers, becomes wilted, or begins to die, you can throw it away.

The lack of attention can cause the sowing not to be done correctly, as well as the place you choose to put it and the amount of water you pour on it.

May with this offering the blessing of Yemayá reach you and give you all the beauty of this world, remember to always ask for good, never evil, and everything you do from your heart will be multiplied.  

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