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Who is Yemayá Okute? The Orisha Machetera

Yemaya Okute

Yemayá Okute is one of the roads of the Orisha Yemaya. This avatar of the saint is characterized by embodying a woman with great willpower and temperament.

It is known as The Machetera for carrying a machete as an instrument of defense and work.

Okute is crowned Ayaba Mayafrá or Lady of the Snow

The pataki relates that Yemayá Okute due to his way of conceiving the world had a bloody fight with humanity which ended in a fatal outcome that claimed many lives.

For this reason he fled his native land and began to pilgrimage around the world until he found refuge in the land of OMI MAYAFRA, the land of snow and ice.

He settled in this region and covered his body with a cloak made of frost and his head with a crown of ice, the cold in this region became imposing, which is why Okute's heart froze, becoming even more implacable against his enemies. .

As the years went by, many wondered what would be the whereabouts of this Orisha, it was then that Oggun he set out to find her. Before his departure he went to meet orunmila, the Oracle of Ifá, who advised him to do ebbó before leaving to search for him. 

Upon arriving at the kingdom of the snows, Oggún found a beautiful woman covered in frozen flakes, he became intimate with the queen who from then on made him a sensitive being, the saint became his wife living together since then.

The Keeper of Olokun

This road from Yemayá lives on the reefs of the coastal coastline for which it is identified as Olokun. This saint is intimately related to Oggún, so roosters are immolated in the company of this Orisha.

Okute can also be found in the sea, in the river, in the lagoon and in the mountains. It is identified with the shades of dark and light blue.

This Orisha is an indomitable warrior, due to her implacable fury she is feared by her enemies who bow before her presence, when she visits the battlefield she has all the tools of her husband Oggun at her service, her favorite being the machete.

Why don't the dogs live in Yemayá Okute's house?

The intrepid warrior identifies with the mouse, an animal that she incarnates when she needs to visit the home of her children in order to convey a message to them.

In his house I don't habitan the dogs because this Orisha fears these animals and their presence displeases and makes her uncomfortable.

Some curious facts that you did not know about Okute

  • This deity likes habitar in desolate regions where man has no access, it does not like to be bothered in vain.
  • She is a very strict mother who does not easily forget the faults of her children, on whom she imposes severe punishments, which are proportional to the offenses committed.
  • She is a very powerful sorceress often manifesting as a beautiful woman who dances softly with a snake coiled in her arms.
  • He does not like the duck, on the contrary, it happens with the ram which is one of his favorite animals.
  • The pearls and corals are under her care, this saint has a lead ship chained to her tureen.
  • As the Queen of the Snows, her children experience greater fortune during the winter.
  • Ice is the secret ingredient that this saint uses to perform many of her sorceries and magic potions.

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