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Powerful Addimú to Yemayá and Olokun to entertain and thank on their day

Yemaya Olokun

Yemayá is a majestic queen in the yoruba pantheon, goddess of the seas and mother of all, judicious and reasonable Orisha, but is also inflexible with those who offend and disrespect her.

She is very protective of her children and raises them with great love. His mantle protects everyone equally, he is a justice and does not stop until the evil is paid.

You can also offer this offering to Olokun the owner of the oceans, the one that habita in the depths of the mysterious sea. From there it protects, provides health and stability.

  • The September 7 It is the day of Yemayá, the same day that we can thank Olokun. Although this offering can be given whenever you want to venerate these deities.

Ingredients for this Adimú:

Fruit of the Okra for the offering to Yemayá and Olokun

This is an addimú (offering with food) very simple, but if you offer it with love they will like it very much and they will also thank you.

Above all, and above all, you must have a lot of faith in Yemayá and Olokun and offer it with love and trust.

If we fight with faith we will be doubly armed, said Plato, that is the most important ingredient, faith.

  • Green bananas
  • Fresh okra
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 dish
  • 2 candles
  • molasses of caña
  • 7 cents

How do we do this offering step by step?

  1. First take the green plantains, peel them and bring them to a boil.
  2. When they are soft enough you can remove them and let them cool a bit.
  3. You light the 2 candles to Yemayá and Olokun, you ask them for their blessing and you give them knowledge of what you are going to do, especially give thanks.
  4. With the candles lit you begin to crush the bananas.

I recommend To make this puree you help yourself at the beginning with a fork or masher, but then do it with your own hands previously smeared with corojo butter and you are talking with Yemayá and Olokun.

Using our hands connects us with the offering, it is our energy and that of the food that gives it power.

  1. Then you take the okra and chop it into slices and mix it with the already mashed banana.
  2. With all that mixture you must make 7 balls, put them on a plate and deposit them at the foot of Yemayá or Olokun, in case you have not received them, put it in a quiet and clean place.
  3. Once the plate is placed in front of the deities, pour over the banana balls with honeyed okraaña.

This ritual of gratitude and blessings to Yemayá and Olokun lasts 7 days

This work will be at the foot of Yemayá or Olokun for 7 days and then you will take it to the sea with the 7 cents of right (7 pennies).

You will always light the candles for a while during that time, take the opportunity to talk with the deities and ask them to help you get ahead with health, love and abundance.

Learn more about both sea deities Yemayá and Olokun:

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