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How to ask Yemayá to get pregnant? Mother, listen to me

Yemayá for fertility

As guardian and protector of women and pregnancy, Yemayá is in charge of asking the universe for a child and through her we align our energies to achieve it.

It's Yemayá in the Yoruba pantheon the goddess who emanates life, a womb of immense power that gave and gives life to the world, the orishas and the man, she takes care of the woman as a giver of life, protects her in each step of motherhood.

Yemayá was the first orisha (deity) of the universe, she as a female goddess represents fertility, purification, motherhood, the origin of life, represented in the salty water of the seas.

Her name is derived from the contraction of the Yoruba expression Yèyé omo ejá which means "Mother whose children are fish", revealing her role as mother in the ocean.

Yemayá is the Orisha of the Oggùn river that runs through Òyó and Abeokutá, in Nupe territory.

In her original cult Yemayá is an orisha associated with the seas, and together with the goddess Oshún she joins the sweet waters of the rivers and their mouths.

We pray for fertility to the mother of all children on Earth

Jemanjá, as it is known in other African cults, is the mother of all the children of the earth and represents the womb in any species as a source of life, fertility and motherhood.

Although Yemayá as a mother is sweet and protective, she is also inflexible when she punishes, she is a fortune teller par excellence, and we owe her respect as religious and devotees.

  • She is very flirtatious, she loves offerings, flowers like carnations and white roses, the latter being the favorite of her devotees.

We trust in her power because she leads female fertility, motherhood and mainly the process of the genesis of the world and the continuity of life.

Prayer to Yemayá to beg her for fertility, make our request and open paths

With great faith and by the light of a white or blue candle we are begging for the blessing of Yemayá with this prayer:

Divine Mother, protector of fishermen and who governs humanity, give us protection. 

Oh sweet Yemaya, cleanse our auras, free us from all temptations. You are the force of nature, beautiful goddess of love and goodness (make your request).

Help us by unloading our materials from all impurities and may your water protect us, giving us health and peace. Let your will be done this way. 

O sovereign mother of the waters! Come to me in this time of affliction, with my faith and devotion lighting this candle, (light a blue candle) to illuminate my requests and ways. 

Oh mother Yemayá! In addition to controlling the force of the waters, come and help me with what I need (make the request). 

Give me the grace of motherhood, grant me that this project of creation is fulfilled in me.

With your pearl blue robe, cover my life with joy and all those around me and those who believe themselves to be my enemies, sovereign mother, change their thoughts so that they become worthy and remove hatred from their hearts. 

Help me to solve what ails me and accompany me on this path so that the evils do not reach me. 

O sovereign mother Yemayá, I thank you in advance, because I have faith that you will be with me. 

Meet some very beautiful rituals that Yemayá will welcome:

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