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3 Rituals with boats to Yemayá for Prosperity, Travel and Health

Yemayá rituals

Yemaya, the mistress of the world, is a powerful Orisha who is syncretized in the Catholic religion with the Blessed Virgin of Regla. This deity is considered miraculous and is also recognized for her righteous spirit and her gifts as a fortune teller.  

This saint personifies the ocean, which can be calm in the same way that it can be impetuous and hostile. She is a protective Orisha, with her maternal instinct she welcomes her children, favoring them with the incomparable virtue of her blessing.

Prosperity, Travel and Health are blessings found at the foot of the Orisha Yemayá through 3 rituals with boats

Yemayá is venerated through various offerings, including candles, fresh fruits, flowers, and various sweets.

The tributes best received by Yemayá are those related to the marine and nautical world, which is why it is common to find anchors, ship rudders and starfish on its altars.

Attributing a ship to this African deity is an interesting way to venerate her and make a pact with her in order to set out in search of wishes, travel, prosperity and health.

3 offerings for Yemayá at sea

Send your wishes in a paper boat to receive the help of the Orisha del Mar

To send prayers to Yemayá, an original way that the religious can find to do it is by means of a paper boat. Through this, he is asked to put his blessing on the person who makes it.

A letter is written to this Orisha on a sheet of paper, which is later folded into the shape of a paper boat.

Once this operation is completed, this letter is taken to the beach where it is deposited, as the boat moves away from the shore, Yemayá is asked to receive the letter and help the person make their wishes come true.

The Melon Boat is used to pray for the health of a loved one

The melon is one of the favorite fruits of the mother of the world, through this a kind of boat is made on which a white flag is placed.

Once the melon boat is finished, it is placed at the foot of the receptacle of the African deity, on his knees the devotee invokes her through the sound of the maraca, lights two white candles and begs the saint to intercede for the recovery of a loved one.

This work is kept at the feet of the deity for seven days, after which they are taken to the sea where it is deposited so that the waves move it away from the shore, in the same way that Yemayá removes the disease from the person who suffers it.

Pray to the Orisha of Arrecife for a safe trip by means of a wooden boat

To have a safe trip, a mixture of water with indigo is prepared in a small basin, inside this a wooden boat is inserted that is not too heavy so that it can stay afloat.

This offering is placed before Yemayá's tureen, which is accompaniedaña of two white or blue candles which are lit to the saint while she is begged for a safe trip.

This addimú is kept before the mother of the world Yemayá, until the person involved touches the mainland, this work is equally effective for air and sea travel.

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