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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Yemayá in Santeria? Goddess of the sea

Yemayá spiritual meaning

Yemayá is the mother of all men on earth in the Yoruba religion, who represents the uterus in any species as a source of life, fertility and motherhood.

She is a head Osha and belongs to the group of main Oshas, ​​as well as being one of the Seven African Powers.

Yemayá's power as a deity has left its mark on Afro-Cuban religiosity, and although many do not share the belief, everyone knows that she is a Yoruba queen with great energies.

  • Your number It is the 7th, therefore the offerings are given in these amounts.
  • It is syncretized with the Virgin of Regla from the Catholic sanctuary.

10 Characteristics that reflect the great power of Yemayá:

  1. Yemayá is a willful and passionate deity, but she can also be calamitous, even as a result of her character she had a great war with all the children on earth.
  2. It lives on the surface of the sea between the waves, while Olokun, deity of the water element with which it is related, lives at the bottom of the ocean.
  3. Yemayá is a beautiful African queen who is also wise, eloquent, whispers like the waves great advice through intuition and dreams.
  4. She is a fortune teller, and very luxurious in her presence and possessions, and above all very protective of all her children.
  5. Yemayá has mixtures of religion, fables and emotions, she is a goddess who has marked religiosity and faith since she arrived from the African continent.  
  6. Yemayá's main power object is an agbegbe, this is a large fan of peacock or duck feathers decorated with shells and mother-of-pearl.
  7. Everything that is known in the universe was born from her, she is as old as the father of the world Obbatalá, who gave life to the other Orishas.
  8. Yemayá is the superior deity of the Yoruba temple, she was the first to be born when Olofi decided to create the world, after suffocating the prevailing fire with water.
  9. He was the first orisha (deity) of the universe and takes care of the waters to fulfill his pact with Oshún.
  10. She is the mother of all living beings, the queen of love par excellence, the owner of the 7 seas.

Yemayá above all reflects its spiritual meaning in the power that emanates from all her children, because she is life, love, fertility, progress and evolution, she is faith and health, she is everything beautiful in this world.

Catholic syncretism, celebration and attention to Yemayá:

In Cuba the September 7 the largest popular festival dedicated to Yemayá is celebrated, where all her devotees adore and entertain her.

Religious syncretism compares Yemayá with the Virgin of Regla, patron saint of the town of Regla, located on the shores of the bay of Havana.

For this reason, at the time of slavery, on the day of the celebration of the Virgin, the slaves attended and worshiped the saint of their masters, but in reality the one they venerated was Yemayá.

This day her devotees give her many attentions, so that she receives love from the earth and always intercedes with her power, between prayers, songs, offerings, flowers, and blue and white candles, she receives our energy.

  • Religious prayers to the goddess are used above all to ask Yemayá to ease your problems or also to make specific requests, but above all to give thanks.  
  • Offerings to Yemayá In the sea they include flour balls and some fruits covered in molasses, caramel popcorn, blue flowers and white roses, or just a small amount of molasses sprinkled on a plate, adimú (offering) that you adore.

Meet some adimú or beautiful offerings in the name of Yemayá:

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