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Ask Yemayá and Eleguá together, Orishas of iron wills

Yemayá and Eleguá

To the gods of the Yoruba pantheon they are requested blessings, whether in matters of health, love, work, protection or of any other kind. Some of them are extremely powerful and have extremely widespread cults today in the Cuban population.

Today we will be addressing the story of two powerful Orishas:

  • Elegua, Lord of the Roads, messenger of Olofin and first Orisha to be received.
  • Yemaya, Sovereign of the Seas, owner of wisdom, mother of Orishas and men.

Yemayá is the Mother of all the Orishas and as such they must respect and adore her, since she is as powerful as the Moon, from which it is said, she comes. In numerous Yoruba legends, Yemayá is the mother of Eleguá, who always protects her and listens to her advice. Yemayá and Eleguá togetherThey are Orishas with iron wills, learn more about them and their power.

Elegguá, son, prince and warrior

Eleguá is characterized on many occasions as the Prince of the Ocha, for a pataki indicates that he had this rank when he found the sacred coconut that chose him to carry his powers.

But he is also the spoiled son of Yemayá and one of the powerful warriors of the Yoruba pantheon, the first to be received by an individual who begins his spiritual path in the Osha Ifa Rule.

Eleguá uses the ancestral wisdom to decide if men are entitled to lives full of happiness or plagued with misfortunes, depending on their acts and virtues.

Represents the beginning and the end of any path undertaken, as well as the constant link between good and evil.

Yemayá, mother, queen and owner of the intelligentsia

Yemayá, is one of the most powerful Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon., queen of the seas and salty waters, source of all life.

Yoruba goddess, mother of Orishas and men and one of the deities with the greatest qualities, among which are goodness, integrity, courage and wisdom. Represents intelligence, wisdom and the changing character like the sea.

She owns the maternity because she was the mother of most of the orishas and raised the others, according to the Yoruba patakíes (stories).

Prayer dedicated to Elegguá and Yemayá

My gods Yemayá and Eleguá, powerful Orishas of the waters and roads, At this moment I approach you with humility and devotion, Yemayá, loving and protective mother, owner of the depths of the sea, I ask you to guide my emotions and give me your wisdom and strength, May your purifying waters flood me and lead me towards harmony and love.

Eleguá, divine messenger, guardian of the roads and crossroads, I call on you to open the doors of my opportunities, With your cunning and power, eliminate the obstacles that stand in my way, Allow me to move safely and confidently towards my destiny.

To you, Yemayá and Eleguá, I beg you to offer me your blessing and protection, that your energies intertwine to ensure my well-being and success, that your presence is always by my side, guiding me in every step I take. I thank you for your love and kindness, and I trust you with my life and my path.

So be it, with the power of Yemayá and Eleguá, I manifest and accept it. Thank you. Ashe.

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