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With a lot of dedication and effort, Yemayá managed to do Ifa to her son

Yemayá and Olofi

When the first-born of Yemayá was seven years old, she went to see Olofin to be consecrated in the sacred Rule of Ifá.

Olofin refused such a request, a fact that caused great displeasure in Yemayá the Orisha of the ocean, who was not happy with the answer obtained and was not going to give up so easily. 

Pataki where the mother of the world Yemayá, does the impossible for her son

Yemayá, who wanted to find a solution to her problem, thought of giving Olofin something that would make her worthy of the wise Orisha to fulfill her wish.

So he began to observe the offerings that other Orishas brought him to see which caused him the greatest commotion, then this would surpass the offering to be able to earn a second chance with Olofin.

Highlighting by much over other offerings some sweet potatoes that he harvested Orisha okoThen the African deity visited the farmer Orisha in order to obtain the secret that made his sweet potatoes better than those of the other saints.

The goddess discovers Orisha Oko's secret and begins her plan

Making use of her gifts as a woman, the saint seduced him, reaching the goal of knowing her secret.

After Yemayá learned Orisha Oko's secret to sowing, she set out to till the land with the aim of exceeding the farmer's fruits by far, a task in which she gave herself body and soul.

Fact that truly happened like this, obtaining this some more beautiful sweet potatoes than those of Orisha Oko himself. 

When the sweet potatoes were ready, the saint collected them by placing them in a wicker basket, which she adorned with many bows, creating with her own hands an irresistible gift before Olofin's eyes, with which she could make her wish come true.

Olofi accepts Yemayá's request and consecrates his son in Ifá

Yemayá then visited Olofin again taking the gift with her, when she was in front of him she offered him the most beautiful sweet potatoes that the Orisha had seen, claiming that they had been cultivated by herself.

Then he took the opportunity to reiterate the request that he make Ifá to his son, a fact that this time Olofin could not refuse.

The Orisha gave the queen of the ocean a list with everything necessary to carry out the consecration ceremony and once everything was ready, the Ifá was carried out.

Seven days later, Yemayá's son had become an Ifá priest, a fact that filled the heart of the African deity with satisfaction.

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