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Why did the Goddess Yemayá take revenge on Orula the Oracle of Ifá?

Yemayá and Orula

The odun Ogbe Wale relates in one of his avatars that Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá had married Oshun.

Pataki where the Love between Orula and Oshún ends forever

These at the beginning of their relationship were very much in love, but as time passed their union weakened as a result of the mistrust and jealousy that existed between them.

The problems between the couple were so serious that their relationship went into a tailspin, Orula was short of patience, a reality that made him hurt his wife continuously.

She, who had already been disappointed in her marriage, was going to secretly cry her sorrows with Yemayá, who always offered her the same advice, through which she told Oshún to separate from her husband, because in her marriage she no longer there was happiness.

But the Orisha who owns the honey, despite all the humiliations, was still in love with Orunmila and refused to leave him, keeping in her heart the hope of seeing a change in her husband.

Love dies, Oshún dies ...

Without knowing it, the most beautiful deity of the Yoruba pantheon was consumed physically and emotionally, without ever seeing what he wanted from Orula.

The latter, who was already tired of Oshún, took one of his gourds in a fit of anger and threw it into the swamp that adjoined his house, a fact that later conditioned the death of his wife.

This frightened by what had happened introduced the inert body of his wife in the swamp, in order to cover up his guilt.

Time passed and the people in the town little by little forgot the disappearance of Oshún, except for her sister Yemayá who never stopped looking for her.

Yemayá discovers the truth and does justice for her sister

On one occasion when Yemayá visited the swamp in search of some herbs, the spirit of her sister was presented to her, revealing the truth about her disappearance and demanding that she avenge her.

In response to Oshún's request, Yemayá seduced Orunmila, who shortly after married her.

As the Orisha of the salt water was a witch, she began to prepare powders to weaken his divinatory powers, until she stripped him of them.

Then, with a mixture of her herbs, she made him sick until he ended his existence and in this way the deity who owns the ocean avenged the outrage suffered by his sister.

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