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Yemayá and Oshún, the owners of the Two Waters

Yemayá and oshún owners of the two waters

The pataki tells of the mistresses of the two waters, who Yemaya he felt an immense love for his sister Oshun.

Oshún was a very beautiful and very rich queen who spent long hours looking in the mirror or seeing her face reflected in the clear waters of the river.

But for lack of attention, his kingdom was destroyed by the wars of conquests; Oshún had no choice but to flee and abandon everything.

From that moment on, her poverty was great and she was left with only one of her dresses that after so much washing and washing it again in the yellow waters of the river, took that color, in addition, her hair fell out. Oshún was left alone, poor, a slave and in the worst misery.

But as all rivers flow into the sea and her older sister Yemayá lives at its bottom, the owner of all the wealth in the world and the person who loved Oshún the most, the tears of the Orisha of Love reached her.

So Yemayá left to console her younger sister and said:

“Don't cry anymore, Oshún. your tears nail me in the heart. Queen you were and queen you will be again by the grace of Olofi.

From now on, all the gold found in the entrances will belong to you.añas of the earth; all the corals at the bottom of the sea will be yours to adorn yourself with; you will no longer work like the slaves, but you will sit on a golden throne and lie down cool, as befits the queens, with a peacock fan, an animal that is mine, but that will become yours from this day .

And so that you do not torment yourself more, look: do you see my hair? Do you remember that she was my pride, the same as yours was for you? Here you have it. Make a wig with it so that nobody sees you in that state and you can wait with dignity until your hair grows out.

Yemayá then cut her beautiful hair to give it to her sister.

It is said that this is why the daughters of Yemayá and Oshún always protect each other. They are the daughters of the two waters, because they will always have the two Orishas watching over them.

Oshún, Orisha of love and of the rivers

Oshún, goddess of love, is the owner of the river and sister of Yemayá, goddess of the seas. Together the waters of the world reign, sweet and salty. Oshún is the gold, the resplendent yellow, Yemayá is the blue of the sea, its transparency and tranquility.

He is the only Orisha who, being a minor, can supply everyone, even Obatala. And it is that Oshún is a bedside Osha and represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, human sensuality, love and femininity.

Oshún likes to protect pregnant women and women in labor from all evil, so that the little ones in the womb are born healthy and blessed.

But the saint also represents religious rigor and that is why she likes implacable punishment and in the face of falsehoods and crimes she is righteous.

The Yoruba goddess adores rivers, as it is their representation in nature and in favor of her femininity and sensuality, she likes to wear jewelry, body ornaments and adores money.

Yemayá, goddess of the seas

It is the divinity of the salty waters. Yemayá is an old woman like Obatalá and as powerful as him.

Yemayá is the Yoruba deity of fish and the orisha of motherhood. It is in nature, in the sea and on the crests of the waves against the coasts and rocks. Offerings and thanks should be directed towards these elements. She is as tender as the caress of a wave and as irascible as a raging sea.

She is the mother of all children on earth and represents the source of life, fertility and abundance. Yemayá is the queen of the Sea and as such she adores it, as she loves her sister Oshún, queen of the rivers.

Children of the two waters:

The sons of Oshún and Yemayá They must balance their lives in the same way that rivers flow into seas where both waters communicate.

They cannot stagnate, but must fight to overcome problems, always go with the current, just as these goddesses always battled and stand out among the Orishas for their immense powers and the love they profess.

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