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All about Yembó: «The first Yemayá on Earth»


Yembó represents the calm of the sea, peace and serenity, this avatar embodies the first life of the Orisha Yemayá on the plane of the earth.

It is also known under the name of Yemú, with the birth of this saint the first time that Yemayá wears a crown on her head, which is adorned with seashells and marine elements of great beauty, is recorded in the Osha.

The birth of humanity according to the Yoruba:

History of Yemayá

Yembó is the mother of all humans and the Orishas, It is believed that this saint lay on the ground and began to give birth to all mankind.

This is why she is so overprotective of men and always looks for a way to give her children the best. 

Some religious houses recognize Yembó as an avatar of Obatala who lives in the sea, was a warrior woman of great bravery being called the mother of fire for her courage.

When it falls, it forms whirlpools in the sea and its anger is dangerous for those who challenge it.

How is Yemú represented?

Attributes of the Yemayá sea

The representative colors of Yemú are white and light blue, tones that mix to represent the sky and the sea, two landscapes that calmly transmit the main virtue of the deity, which is serenity.

This Orisha is received to obtain a seat and rest on the earthly plane, this Orisha is also requested to obtain health, mainly that related to the nervous system.

Yemú is represented by:

  • Four white stones,
  • four medium snails and
  • a hand of igbos.

All the aforementioned pieces rest inside a white and blue receptacle, some religious keep it with water while others advocate not bañasoak it in this precious liquid.

Five of Yembó's Favorite Offerings

Roosters, chickens and white doves are sacrificed to this deity as a sign of respect and devotion.

Red and white roses are offered to her as these flowers are her favorites.

In its altars it is common to observe the presence of candles, fruits and marine elements such as starfish and corals.

Yembó is the Orisha counselor

This peaceful saint is not crowned in the Osha nor does she select children in the holy days.

It is an equitable deity that protects all humans equally without differentiating between any.

When the religious feels overloaded, he should lean back to the purity of this saint who will help him with her wisdom to make better decisions.

Learn more about the deity who owns the sea Yemayá:

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