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What does Yewa represent in Santeria? Owner of graves and darkness

Yewa in Santeria

Yewá is the Orisha of spiritual communication, a major Orisha belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon, highly respected for her cult widely linked to death.

En the Cuban Santeria or Rule of OshaYewa is the owner of the grave, she is among the tombs and the dead and lives inside the coffin that is in the grave.

10 Powers that Yewa, the Yoruba deity, symbolizes

  1. Together with her sisters Obba and Oyá, constitutes the trilogy of the death goddesses, who are in charge of guiding the spirits towards their new path.
  2. Yewá is the Orisha who owns the cemetery and her cult comes from Dahomey.
  3. She is in charge of taking the Eggun and spirits to Oyá and she is the one who dances on their graves.
  4. Its name comes from the Yorùbá Yèwá (Yeyé: mother and Awá: ours) and is highly respected for its ancestral powers.
  5. Nowadays the cult of Yewá is extremely popular in the houses of Santiago de Cuba, where she gives herself as a tutelary Orisha and her children enjoy great prestige for representing the spiritual communication of the goddess.
  6. Yewa demands respect, no one can undress in front of her or show affection, nor can she fight or behave rudely.
  7. Represents loneliness and sterility. And it is that this Orisha also symbolizes the containment of feelings, female chastity, and virginity.
  8. It is said that Yewa never had a partner and that she lived alone in the cemetery.
  9. It has divinatory skills and is a main part of the Iyamis (witches) as its patron and owner.
  10. Despite her loneliness, Yewá is said to be very sweet, but she can be strict just like Oduduwá and does not like her children to make mistakes.

Tips How to attend the queen of the mysteries of death?

Yewa must be treated with respect, properly dressed and clean, without raising his voice.

  • We can light a white or pink candle, and ask him to help us, always thanking his blessing.
  • Entomatado fish, gofio with fish and peanut balls are offered.
  • The animals that are sacrificed to him must be young, female and virgins.
  • We can give her flowers, fruits and gifts with which we want to venerate her.

Prayer to invoke the protection and help of Yewa

Mother Yewa, mistress of the pink sky, mistress of enigmatic afternoons; lady of charged clouds, rainbow carpet.

Owner of the possibilities of advantages and the ways of charm and beauty, joy and happiness.

Lady of the mists, remove the clouds from my paths; Oh mighty princess!

Invoke the forces of the winds in my name, may the rain cover me with prosperity, may your crown cover my destiny; O princess mother of the occult!

May I be your lost and blessed son and in your graces; what the hellañaMay the mist that today exists in my steps be limpid! So be it Yewa!

In Santeria Yewa syncretizes with:

  • Our Lady of the Forsaken, patron saint of Valencia,
  • the Virgin of Monserrate and
  • Saint Clare of Assisi.

So their worship, prayers and attention are also often linked to these Catholic figures.

We share some prayers and attentions dedicated to the Yoruba Goddess Yewa:

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