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What powers does the Orisha Yewá represent in the Yoruba Religion?

Yoruba yewa

The virginal, the pure, the immaculate, that is the representation of the Orisha Yewá, orisha of the Yoruba pantheon who is represented as an older woman, very chaste and virgin.

Yewá is closely related to loneliness and repressed feelings, is a warrior, a death and has a powerful Ashé that develops in the world of the dead.

Habita inside the cemetery, between the spirits and their tombs, that is, in the pits.

Babalú Ayé the orisha of disease and epidemics She is the one who carries the dead to the cemetery and she is the one who receives them to deliver them to Oyá, the goddess of the spark.

When you are in the presence of the Orisha Yewá you cannot show intimate affection with another person, or speak ugly, or loudly, because you are offended and upset.

The Aará call him Towosi and in Afro-Cuban syncretism he is compared to Santa Clara de Asís and Nuestra Señora de Montserrat.

Yewá descends from the same father of the world Obatalá and Oduduwá, she is the sister of Obba and Oyá, and is very loyal to Babalú Ayé.

Some of the characteristics that define the Yoruba deity Yewá:

Its color: The pink
Their numbers:
11 and multiples 
Odun where he speaks: Iroso, Okana and Osa
Adimú (offerings): Fish with tomato, with gofio and peanut balls. 
Herbs (Ewé):They are usually the same as the Orisha Oyá.
Eleke (necklace): It is made with pink shades of opaque beads.
container where habita: Wicker basket that are covered with fabrics of pink and red tones.

Sacrificial animals to the African goddess:

The animals that are given to him as an offering will always be female, young and virgin, some such as:

  • Goat (Euré),
  • Barn Owls (Owiwi),
  • Palomas (Eyelé) and
  • Guinea (Etu).

Yewá roads:

  • Binoye,
  • Ibu Adeli Odobi
  • Ibu Akanakan,
  • Ibu Averika Oyorikan,
  • Bold Ibu,
  • Ibu Shaba.

Ex: Maferefún Yewá! the greeting of this sacred and ancestral Orisha, the owner of the graves in the Yoruba religion. 

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