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Yoruba Andabo, singing to the African cultural heritage (+ Video)

Yoruba Andabo

The rumba is the African cultural heritage that enlightened the cultural roots and true Cuban identity. A rhythm that in colonial times cheered barracks, bateyes, lots or barracks, and today its lyrics collect a great story.

It is the rumba, the highest expression of the Creole mix, which is defended today by the Yoruba Andabo group, from the voice of its stellar singer or akpwón, Ronald González, seconded in the chorus by Jorge Luis Hernández.

Yoruba Andabo shows the actuality of a music produced for our ancestors as a way of worshiping deities. Today, the songs have the same objective and there are many who go to the groups' peñas by different cabarets on the Island.

Yoruba Andabo, Afro-Cuban rumba around the world

Yoruba Andabo is one of the main danceable and flokloric popular music groups in the country.  

The prestigious Cuban music and dance company has offered concerts at Carnegie Hall, one of the most important theaters in America, as part of the Latin American Voices Festival and has brought Cuban identity music to numerous stages.

The director of Yoruba Andabo, Giovanni del Pino has clarified in several interviews that the group performs Yoruba and rumba music, with a segment called La rumba de los Orishas, ​​where they play batá with Iyesá. They also include guaguancó, Columbia, yambú and conga.

The name of the group, remember, comes from yoruba, name of an extensive territory of southern Africa and of the religion professed by many of the African slaves brought to the Island in colonial times and of the voice "I walk”, Which in the Carabalí language means friend, follower, admirer.

More than 5 decades of art and religion

The Yoruba Andabo company began its musical adventures in 1961, when a group of workers formed the Guaguancó Marítimo Portuario group.

In 1985 they were renamed Yoruba Andabo. Ten years later, the group gained international fame, giving voice to the most traditional forms of Afro-Cuban rhythms such as yambú, guaguancó and columbia.

Yoruba Andabo it is a true example of the authenticity and versatility of folk and popular traditions. They unite the musical, the religious, spiritual and the danceable, reflecting modernity and African tradition in the sensual rumba, guaguancó, toque de santo, Abakuá and Congolese songs, songs.

The discography of the much-loved Yoruba Andabo group exceeds twenty titles, many of them awarded nationally and internationally.

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