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Do you know this beautiful prayer to Yemayá to Open the Paths of Love?

Powerful prayer to Yemayá for love

As the first deity that inhabited the earth in the Yoruba pantheon and a mother full of compassion, Yemayá possesses the ancient power to attract love, health, justice and mercy.

Therefore, when praying to Yemayá for love you can also ask for protection for your children, your family and loved ones, because like a mother she will cover yours with her mantle.

You can even achieve fertility and ask her to start a beautiful family, and when you speak from your heart she will also fill your life with true love.

How to ask Yemayá to bring us closer to Love?

There are many love situations in which we can be involved, whether we lost that person due to a bad decision, or because love gradually faded away.

Or simply because the right person has not yet come into our lives.

In the event that love has lost strength, and you are sure that this is your true love, you can implore Yemayá to help you recover it, she will listen to your pleas and come to your aid.

Yemayá in the Rule of Osha or Santeria She is considered a great mother, her devotees pray to her for all kinds of situations, and she, as a protective goddess, listens and intercedes for those who adore her.

Before beginning the prayer to the Orisha of the sea:

  1. First you will light the white or blue candle like the seas of the goddess Yemayá, and in the light of that candle you will beg her for everything you need to achieve, but do not forget to thank her first for all her blessings.
  2. Pray this prayer of love to Yemayá for 3 days in a row.
  3. You can do it in the mañamornings or nights, but make sure you choose a quiet place either at home or in nature.
  4. If you have the sea close by, its waters are the best place to worship it.
  5. Express each word with love, humility and the firm conviction that in addition to listening to you, she is already granting your wishes.

We can also offer you your favorite adimús (offerings), such as flowers, desserts, food, fruits such as watermelon, among others.

  • At the end of the article we leave some of the works and rituals that you can do in his name.

Powerful prayer to the goddess Yemayá for True Love

To you Oyá, my Queen and my lady, I raise my prayers today.

Protect me from evil, remove the pains from my path and open the doors to love, with faith I dedicate these beautiful words to you:

Oh Yemayá, great divinity, you who are the queen of the seas
That you dominate the fury of the oceans with your great love.
Grant me the grace to bring the light of true love into my life.
Turn my home into a haven of true love
Your precious queen, wise, compassionate and merciful
Have mercy on me and remove loneliness, pain and sadness from my life forever.
If it is good for me, if with this happiness will come to my life, make (name of the person) come back to me and fulfill the wish that he remain by my side until death shows us the end.
So be it.

By invoking Yemayá with prayer, you can offer her some of her offerings:

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