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Do you know Cordon Spiritism? His faith and practices in Cuba

Cord spiritism

Spiritism was defined by Allan Kardec as the doctrine founded on the existence, manifestations and teachings of the spirits towards human beings.

From a religious point of view, spiritists claim that spiritism is born on the basis of the truths of all religions.

The East of our country is the famous cradle of the Spiritist Cordon, highlighting in its practice provinces such as Las Tunas, Granma and Holguín.

This cult could be classified as one of the oldest religious practices in our archipelago since the dances of which its ceremonies are composed have their roots in the areito, an autochthonous dance of our aborigines.

Cordón Spiritist Temples in Cuba

The first temple to develop Cordón spiritism in the Oriente region was built in Guisa in 1905, from which other sites began to emerge to develop this discipline throughout all of Cuba.

Searching for Light and Truth is one of the most famous temples that our country has had.

Practitioners affirm that in these centers they feel imbued with energy, which favors communication with the spiritual world and facilitates a close relationship between the medium and the cosmic entities.

The cords not only establish communication with the afterlife among their practices, they also perform healing rituals, which are complemented with the use of incense, medicinal herbs and water.

In addition, sessions are held to cross and strip, basically using basil, the victor and the sandbox, herbs that are combined with prayers.

The dispossession itself seeks to provide protection against bad influences and cleanses the impurities of the astral plane.

Why is it called Cordon Spiritism?

Believers hold hands creating a kind of cord (hence the origin of its name) or circle and begin to dance counterclockwise.

Meanwhile, they sing prayers and perform movements with the upper and lower extremities until they enter a trance and that is when they reproduce the messages from the beings with whom they are connected.

Faith and principles of the "cordoneros"

The faith of the cordoneros is oriented to obtain spiritual progress, to settle debts of previous incarnations and to redirect their actions in favor of love of neighbor and mercy, under the guidance of spiritualist doctrines and their science.

It is common to find in these temples statuettes of saints, pictures and portraits of practicing brothers who are invoked with the thought, some branches of this same belief assure that they act as protective beings.

These institutions are arranged under a hierarchical structure headed by the director of the center, the head medium, the responsible mediums and the working mediums.

The practices of good and love of neighbor as essential precepts must always be honored by all believers, thus attesting to their good intentions and demonstrating the commitment to respect and safeguard the teachings of religion.

Author: Ninette Fernández

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