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A Prayer to the Virgin of Peace: The saint with 12 stars on her head

Prayer to the Virgin of Peace

The Virgin of Peace is a marian invocation which is based on the image of the Virgin Mary and from this base has developed a cult of deep faith and love.

This deity is worshiped in Malaga, Spain.aña.

This virgin is asked for the unity of the family, which is why she is venerated in all the houses of Ronda.

  • His holiday It is celebrated every year on January 24 in the Catholic faith.
  • This saint is the patron saint of Ronda, was crowned with this title in 1947.

The Virgin of Peace is the adored saint of pilgrims, who make long journeys to honor her name by placing various offerings and petitions at her feet.

The saint clothed with the sun that gives us peace of mind

The image of the Virgin of Peace is closely linked with its ornaments, since it is said to be dressed in the sun when presenting:

  • A cloak embroidered in gold,
  • with the moon at his feet and
  • a shining crown of twelve stars upon his head.

The stars represent each one the miracles performed by the virgin, some scholars suggest that the twelve stars symbolize the twelve angels who escort the Virgin of peace to the gates of heaven.

Prayer to the Virgin of Peace for his saint intercession

Mother of Christ, lady of peace please ask your son Jesus Christ to grant me the gift of peace, implore for me to find peace: harmony in my heart, in my soul and also in my mind, bring peace to my family as well as peace to all those who cross my path.

Jesus my patron and savior, my sovereign brother of peace, I assist you with Mary of Peace to implore you modestly for the gift of peace, let the holy spirit of peace fall on me, please give me peace, peace within me, peace over all my family, peace for every day of my life.

It also brings peace to my homeland and to each country for all, peace on earth. Jesus my intermediary with the father, take me to the father to implore for peace.

Father, father of Jesus, our father, I come to you together with your son Jesus, in him, with him and through him I ask for peace. Amen.

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