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Is there really the Evil Eye? Effective Prayers against this Evil

Evil eye prayers

There is no lack of a Cuban wondering if they "Cast the evil eye", when it goes through stages of problems, pain and restlessness.

And it is that popular and superstitious belief that unites vestiges of spiritists, santeros and Catholics, has become a traditional dilemma against which red ribbons, spoils to eliminate bad energies and multiple other protections are recommended.

What is Evil Eye and how is it produced?

The evil eye, indicates that a person has the ability to cause harm, misfortune, disease and even cause death to another just by looking.

This evil also comes from very old popular myths, such as the fact that witches could make their victims sick or ruin them just by looking at them.

The evil eye is seen as a degenerative evil that withers the person, and can manifest itself on the skin or in the spirit of those affected.

Currently, the evil eye is feared as a result of witchcraft or "bad eyes" or "hard eyes", who can attract negative energy only with their eyes.

It is thought that it can be produced voluntarily or involuntarily by envy or admiration and always through the look.

The evil eye is also seen as a type of curse generated by the envy that other people have towards us, that is, when someone sees us with resentment, jealousy or rivalry, it can cause us harm.

Some of the main symptoms of the Evil Eye in Adults are:

  • being more nervous than usual,
  • dizziness or nausea
  • general discomfort,
  • not sleeping well and waking up startled,
  • feeling of paranoia,
  • distress and anxiety attacks.

Effective rituals that we can perform to avoid the evil eye:

Evil eye rituals
A horseshoe behind the door is a protection against the evil eye

The ways to avoid the evil eye are also traditional and very popular in Cuba.

Especially, children are protected from birth with:

  • Charms like red bracelets,
  • an eye of Saint Lucia,
  • jets,
  • Stamps with prayers to San Luis Beltrán are placed near the cribs, among others.

And it is that too many compliments can be harmful depending on who utters them and we are all prone to be victims of this curse, especially children and even pets can feel the effects of the evil eye.

In Cuba most people avoid the evil eye:

  • They put phrases or images in their homes and businesses to scare it away.
  • It is customary to tie a red ribbon to the object or living being that can be affected.
  • Cross the fingers of the hands (the largest on the index) when we hear some eulogy, symbolizing the cross.
  • Many, especially the elderly, say "bless your eyes" to those they praise and respond "may God bless you" when praised to prevent their gaze from attracting bad energy.

Likewise, it is usual in Cuba to see a piece of cactus with a red strip on the door of the house or a horseshoe behind it, a symbol of protection and good luck.

Prayers and prayers to eliminate the evil eye:

Evil eye prayers

One of the most effective ways to eliminate the evil eye are prayers and prayers, which demonstrate the strength of faith and thus banish bad energies from around us.

And as babies and children they are the most sensitive to suffer this curse since they are pure beings that lack malice, we must prevent and protect them.

Prayer to cure the evil eye in Children  

We pray the following prayer to ward off evil from our little ones:

In the holy name of God the Father; in the holy name of the fallen and the heavenly protectors who dwell in heaven protecting the will of the faithful devotees.

Oh my father! Today I cry out to your name to help this little one who in these hours is invaded by the envy of the one who only wants evil for his neighbor.

Your most holy and merciful will can do everything, Lord, and I know what will make his health regain that state of mind, happiness and glory of yesteryear. Help him, almighty God, for you are the only one who can.


I pray to keep this evil from our pets:

evil of our pets
Pets can also be affected with Evil Eyes

Our pets are also pure beings without any evil, whom we also come to consider part of the family and we create an affective bond with them, so they can also be affected with sorcery.

So, if our pet behaves strangelyaña, we dedicate the following prayer to the mighty St. Francis of Assisi.

It is mainly believed that dogs are the animals most prone to acquiring this disease, perhaps because they are the pets that are closest to our side.

Oh Saint Francis of Assisi! Curator, protector and charitable guardian of animals.

Faithful devoted to the will of God; this day I magnify you and ask you to mediate on my behalf so that my beloved pet can wade through the current state caused only by that person who seeks to boast of evil; I ask you to restore happiness to his behavior and lift him from his apathy because I fear for his current state of health.


This is the prayer to break the evil eye and envy in adults:

Bear in mind that adults are also prone to suffering from the evil eye, so we must be prepared to reject the curses that are intended for us.

The prayer that can help us is the following:

Light of the world, light of good. You who always end up being the winner in the fight against evil, although sometimes we mere mortals do not see it because of our impatience and our smallness, I ask you to protect me and protect me from the evil eye that I may have above.

I don't have to have anything by your side and even if there are people who don't like me well and wish me the worst, they won't be able to hurt me since I'm one of yours and I'm with you. No one who tries to curse me will be able to achieve their goal since evil will turn against them.


Prayer for the saint against the evil eye and achieve healing:

Healers also use the following prayer to help a person who has been attacked with the evil eye:

I cross you in the name of the Father… (Mention the person's name) of the Son… (Mention the name again) and of the Holy Spirit… (Mention the name again) Amen.

Jesus! Creature of God

I cut your fright, I don't cut it with a knife, or with iron, or hammered hammer, because it can't be cut.

I cut it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Powerful Prayer of San Luis Beltrán for the evil eyes

In Cuba, San Luis Beltran as the saint who can help us fight the evil eye.

Mainly healers and spiritualists invoke the saint and ask for his blessings by reading a prayer intended to eliminate enchantments and ward off negative energies.

  • The following prayer to the saint must be read for three days in a row repeatedly for the curse to go away.

In the name of the Great Power of God, Omnipotent and Eternal, I ask permission to invoke the Holy name of San Luis Beltrán who cures all kinds of evils, to conjure these branches (3 different ones used) of basil, in air, fire, water and earth, elements of nature that must penetrate into health, strength and vigor and may this blessing remain with the Divine will here, now and forever, forever and ever.


Other powerful prayers and prayers to the Saints:

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