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Tips and taboos of Ifá Oyekun Otrupon: The spirits guide you

Ifá Oyekun Otrupon

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Otrupon the religious You must learn to moderate your temper, because a fit of anger could bring fatal consequences for your health.

In this sign of Ifá diseases are born on the table:

  • yellow fever,
  • gastrointestinal ailments and
  • angina pectoris.

Here meat was first cooked on the grill.

This odun is feminine, in it the person is irradiated by the Virgin of Charity of Copper.

What taboos must be respected in this sign?

It is forbidden in Oyekun Otrupon to drink alcoholic beverages

Warnings for the religious:

  • You cannot commit illegalities because you will be caught sooner or later.
  • Respect pork, avoid eating it, especially at night.
  • You can't kill pigs.
  • Take good care of your saints, because in this odun the person suffers the loss of an Orisha or one of its attributes.
  • It is taboo to drink alcoholic beverages to avoid hot flashes and the emergence of vices.

Be careful with fire, don't get burned

Eating corn is a prohibition of the odun Oyekun Otrupon, because with this grain you will make ebo and overcome difficulties.

Torture through fire is a method of punishment that arose in this sign and that gained momentum centuries ago, when humanity was still far from becoming a civilization.

The religious must be careful and respect the fire, you can suffer a burn and be scarred for life.

4 Tips that guide the religious in the odun of Ifá Oyekun Otrupon

1. This is an Ifá of trips, of advances and improvements

The religious must raise a pig in his house, raise it and when it dies make ebo with his head.

In Oyekun Otrupon travel, advances and improvement of economic position arrive.

You must say every day Maferefún Eggun, Orumila and Oshún, because in your life these Orishas and the spirits are a bulwark of incalculable value.

2. Respect the hours of sleep and rest

Orumila warns in this sign that your marriage can break up because of jealousy and gossip, not because anyone participates in your affairs. work out issues with your partner, so that your relationship does not fall on everyone's lips.

The religious must respect the hours of sleep and rest, do not force your body to the extreme so that you do not suffer damage to your health due to stress.

3. Among his missions on earth is to work in the religious field

In Oyekun Otrupon the birth of the person occurred through a request from his mother to the saint, because before his conception his mother had not been able to conceive or successfully carry a pregnancy to term.

You must receive Orula so that stability and health come to your life.

One of the missions of the religious on earth is to work the religious field and serve the Orishas in this way for their own development and that of the world.

4. You must choose your friends well in Ifá Oyekun Otrupon

This is an Ifá of inconsideration, where the person comes out in defense of those around them and then they are paid with treason and contempt, so do for those around you as far as you can without making extreme sacrifices that come to bring you more harm than benefits.

Choose your friends well so that they do not measure it with the same rod that they will measure them.

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