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Powerful prayer to tame an angry person and calm them down

Prayer to tame an angry person

Anger is an evil that can have a negative impact on our lives, especially if it is accompanied byañar for anger.

People who get angry easily generate restlessness and instability in any environment or context in which they operate.

Anger invades human beings and takes away the harmony of the family and the happiness of that person, who must learn to control anger and carefully analyze situations before letting go.

This bad character can destabilize us and fill us with negative energies, which generates a total lack of control and loss of peace and tranquility.

Anger is a feeling that generates anger and helplessness, which produces negative and violent events.

How to fight anger with faith and appease a person's anger?

For this we must fight against anger always and:

  • Solve misunderstandings and setbacks in life through dialogue and fluent communication, never through anger and rage.
  • Fight to learn to deal with dissimilar situations that will be presented to us along our way with patience and calm.
  • Be happy and grateful, first of all, in order to attract empowering energies.

But if we know that we are victims of anger or that a close person is carried away by that evil, it is of great importance to pray a prayer to reassure that it restores harmony, peace and well-being.

It is very important keep in mind that despite all the adversities and setbacks that arise, we can pray and meditate in order to restore our own spiritual balance and ask for help, protection, love and happiness.

  • We can choose a quiet place in our home or in nature, and light a white candle and ask in faith.

Pray to God with this prayer to tame an angry person

  • We propose a prayer to calm an angry person

Lord, you who can do everything, I come to you to implore you to illuminate the path of that dear person who is invaded by rage and anger.

His conduct has bordered on violence and has dañado his relationship with his parents, his children, his friends and his siblings and with everyone who cares about him/her.

He is always in a bad mood, he does not agree with anything and happiness disappeared from his face.

It worries me a lot and that is why I ask you, my lord, for your mercy, so that that person can find peace again.

I ask you, Father, that you radiate love to his soul so that that feeling that torments him disappears.

Do not abandon him, because you know more than anyone that this being loves his family, that he sincerely appreciates his friends and that his actions are destined to do good.

Free him from anger and may it never be present in his soul again, since it affects him deeply, generating spiritual wounds.

Return happiness and harmony to your life, my God, in you and in the strength of your kingdom I fully trust, I praise you and I venerate you Holy Father, Amen.

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