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The shapes of the candles and their meaning When to use them?

Candles shapes and meanings

The light of a candle has the power to transform the negative energies in our life into positive vibes. Just by turning it on with faith, the light that emanates from it transmits spiritual peace and tranquility to any problem or sadness that we feel.

Lighting a candle to our guides and protectors, ancestors, Orishas and saints, to God, will always bring us positivity and spirituality, they will be extremely grateful for that light that you give them with the candle ("atana" in the Yoruba religion).

Meaning of the shapes of the candles

The light of a candle speaks for itself, it can also have different colors and each of them has a special purpose.

In addition, the shapes of the candles must be taken into account, as each shape has a purpose when performing magical rituals.

The round candles:

It is intended for all magical purposes that are linked to internal spiritual powers, that is, of ourselves, of how to achieve our own balance.

In addition, they emanate a great charge of energies, they give us vigor.

The cylindrical candles:

It represents the ascent, the healing and the advancement. Its cylindrical shape shows us the path through which we travel in order to reach a certain goal.

It is used above all to guide us, meditate and accept ourselves as we are. Whoever uses this candle has the ability to open their feelings by recognizing that they are confused or lost and it enlightens them to change their path.

Square candles:

These candles symbolize the strong bases, the roots. When you need emotional or will power this candle can serve you. Also when you make plans that you want them not to collapse and become strong.

In addition, they are very good for blessing homes and places where you have a business.

Spiral candles:

Represents spirituality, continuity, ideal when you want to connect with the spirits. They serve in works to clean and purify your aura, your astral.

Triangular or hexagonal candles:

It originates energies directed to the fight, for victory and modifies different situations, such as when you want to win a trial. It is also used for rituals related to labor issues.

With the energy of the triangle-shaped candles, a protective barrier is created with those people who harm us, they serve for the enemies to leave us alone.

Flower-shaped candle:

Closely related to spring and abundance. It is usually used when we want prosperity in some type of plan that we draw up, also as a protector of pregnant women so that they carry their pregnancy without problems.

Also, one can be lit at the time of delivery, and to bless newborn children in general.

Heart shaped candle:

It is linked to love matters, but not only of couples, but to love in general. They allow love to grow stronger and flow.

Candle in the shape of a woman:

It symbolizes, as its name indicates, feminine vigor. It is used on a full moon and is related to forebodings, clairvoyance and has a close link with feminine powers.

Candle in the shape of a man:

Represents male potency. This candle is linked to rituals to acquire strength, shelter, security, support, push. It can also be used to establish a powerful connection with male energy. 

Candle in the form of a couple:

Widely used to make couple ties, but its use is actually to represent two people who share their love and want to join more.

For example, it is used if we want to thank the orisha Shango, the king of thunder already Oshun, the goddess of love, in unison, or make a request to both.

When you have infertility problems, they are also often used to ask for fertility.

Bird-shaped candle:

Related to announcements, notifications, knowledge and wisdom. Widely used in rituals to establish better communication with oneself and with the environment that surrounds us. Activate and let our energy flow.

In addition, this type of candle usually reveals hidden and divine knowledge.

Scissor-shaped candle:

They are used to cut problematic situations, that is, everything that bothers us and we want to separate and cut from our lives.

Just by writing on the candle the name of that person or situation that is affecting you and you want to cut, (it must be written from the handle of the scissors to where the edge of the scissors is), you will solve your situation.

Skull shaped candle:

Candles in the shape of a human skull are used in rituals as symbols of death, decadence and terms of cycles in life. 

Let us remember that candles contain powerful meanings in their forms, they also give light to our deities, spirits and ancestors, when placing them we must do it with respect and a lot of faith, always to do good and provide balance to life.

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