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Characteristics of the Orisha Olokun: All about the King of the deep sea

All about Olokun

Olokun It is the deity that represents the deepest secrets of life and death, it is fish, it is orisha, it is blue and mystery. It is the deep sea that terrifies and holds the greatest secrets.

And it is said that, because of that power over the oceans and the hidden depths, he is androgynous, half fish, half man.

Olokun is one of the most dangerous and powerful deities of the Yoruba religion and tells the Pataki (story) that Obatala He chained him to the bottom of the ocean, when he tried to kill humanity with a flood, since then he has lived where no one reaches, punished for his anger.

However, Olokun He does not hate humans and helps his followers to develop and follow their destiny by driving them with his great power.

10 characteristics of the cult of Olokun

We now present those qualities, powers and attributes that characterize this powerful Orisha:

1. Representative attributes of the Ocean

Its receptacle is a large earthenware or earthenware jar, in blue or black colors. There, its attributes are spread in seawater.

Its attributes are related to the sea and its waters, they are:

  • A rudder, a mermaid, a lead doll with a snake in one hand and a mask in the other, boats, anchors, shells, seahorses, starfish,
  • carries 21 otas or stones (9 dark, 9 conchiferous and 9 reef),
  • 2 hands of snails, sun, moon, majá, chains, a mask,
  • and everything related to the ocean made of lead or silver.

2. Offerings for the King of the sea

A Olokun It is offered with great respect and knowledge to avoid offering taboo foods, that is, prohibited or that are not to the liking of the orisha.

Among his favorites are:

  • Ground corn cooked with garlic, onion and butter,
  • coconut joy balls, ekó, coconut molassesaña,
  • foods such as pork, fried green plantains, watercress, malarrabia, corn on the cob, parboiled yam balls,
  • Sweeter offerings like coconut, black sugar, fruits, etc.

In addition, sacrifices are made to him, among them white rooster, chickens, pigeons, goose, duck, jicotea, guinea fowl, ram, ram, pig, cow and calf are sacrificed.

3. What can I ask Olokun?

Olokun with his power he manages to bless his devotees with health, prosperity, and is a provider of material evolution.

From the heart you can ask him for everything you want, he is kind and like his great mysteries, he contains great blessings.

This Orisha is given offerings and is asked mainly for health, to ward off diseases and bring healing.

In its blue waters, it is requested to clean all kinds of misfortunes and situations that may affect us.

To greet to this deity he must say: Maferefun Olokun!

4. Worship of Olokun in Osha-Ifá

This deity is considered to be of great power and is one of the most dangerous Orishas in Yoruba mythology and the Osha-Ifá religion.

His cult comes from the city of Lagos, also in Benin and Iiéifé and is totally belonging to the Babalawos, in which they are in charge of receiving it each time it arrives.

It is received with nine Olonas and nine Olosas, considered as the nymphs of the water that represent all bodies of water, such as rivers, streams, lagoons, waterfalls and puddles and its Eshu characteristic.

5. Representative colors

The colors that represent Olokun, Owner of the Oceans, they are blue, white and black.

Blue is the color of the sea and its depths, blue is the mystery and the color that Olokun wears as a fish and that represents power, tranquility, protection and immortality.

6. Is Olokun Male or Female?

It is said that he is the husband of different female deities, among them are Aje Shalunga, Elusú, Olosá, Ikokó, Osara, among others, and also the father and mother of Yemaya.

However, there is a great controversy about whether this deity is a man or a woman since according to the stories that are talked about, it is mentioned that it has characteristics of both the male and female sex.

That is why it is said to be androgynous.

7. Ceremonies in his honor

There are different ceremonies that are dedicated to OlokunOne of them is known as the Ceremony of Coni (Cayman), in which Olokun is first taken and by his side the odun Ogbe Yono is scored.

A gourd containing nine pieces of Obi is placed on top of the sign, with Epo (corojo butter) and an Atare in each piece.

Then Epó is smeared on a snapper and proceeds to pray the Ogbe Yono, take an Adié Shevié, also known as a Jabada and it is torn to pieces alive, so that it can be thrown into the gourd, everything is covered with Ekú, Ejá, Awado, Oñí, and Mango Leaves and is carried to the river bank, but praying.

Later, in a jar, the 16 Mejís and Ogbe Yono are painted in the background.

8. Attention to the Orisha

A Olokun he is treated as the deity Yemayá, they put the same offerings, say fruits, vegetables and molasses of caña.

Offerings are made only when necessary, so that the saint provides peace, stability and also prosperity.

Keep in mind in your attentions, that you must respect their attributes and appear in front of the orisha properly dressed and neat.

9. Like the tranquility and the water

The santeros know that the King of the Oceans Olokun, it must be calm in its place, and the water is changed every so often.

It should never be dry, its water can be used to clean the house and bathrooms to attract health and positive energy.

Many seniors recommend that when the jar of Olokun is to be uncovered, one should not look directly since its secrets live there and they cannot be deciphered.    

10. Prayers for peace and prosperity

A Olokun sailors pray to him for peace on the oceans, but he is also asked for the soul of the person and for peace and material prosperity.

All his followers have in their knowledge different songs that are totally directed to this deity to show their devotion.

Prayer to Olokun:

I was going Olokun faith mi lo're. Olokun was going as re wa ran oyio.
Olokun nu ni o si o ki e lure ye toray. Bomi taafi. Bemi taafi.
Olokun ni'ka him. Moyugba. Ashe.

Translation to Spanish:

I venerate the spirit of the vast ocean. I venerate the spirit of the ocean who is beyond all understanding. Spirit of the ocean, I will worship you, as long as there is water in the sea.
Let there be peace in the ocean. Let there be peace in my soul.
To the spirit of the ocean, who is ageless, I pay my respects. So be it.

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