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4 Short Prayers to bless the table and thank the food

Prayers to bless the table

The action of eating food is one of the basic pillars in human life, because it is thanks to these that the body acquires the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and active.

Eating food in the Christian world is much more than the banal act of satiating hunger, since having food and giving thanks for it is one of the many ways in which God's blessing is obtained.

Why is the act of blessing the table important and sacred?

When the family sits at the table it is a sacred act that they are going to commit, because this moment brings them together in harmony to share in equal parts what they have and to be all provided with the food that with faith and sacrifice has been brought to the desk.

Before consuming food, it is necessary to thank God for them and be aware that without sacrifice they would not have reached there, because it is through work that the resources to get food are obtained.

It is also necessary to thank those who carefully make them so that the family can later taste them.

At mealtime it is necessary to take a few minutes to ask for those who will not be able to do so, either due to lack of resources or due to diseases that prevent them from doing so.

And it is then that the Christian conception of sharing a little food with the helpless and the hungry who comes to the door must be had.

The time in which we live is difficult for many reasons, because every day people are moving further away from the human values ​​so necessary for the world to flow based on becoming a better place.

This is the time to become aware, to be more grateful for what we have and to try to show mercy for those around us.

How to say thank you at the table? Four beautiful and simple prayers

Through these four prayers to bless the table, we offer the Creator our gratitude for the food that we will consume and we ask for the one who, unfortunately, will not have the happiness of having them.

1. Prayer to bless the food when it is to be eaten

Bless us, Lord, and bless these foods that for your goodness we are going to eat.

The King of eternal glory make us partakers of the heavenly table. Amen.

2. Thanksgiving for the food

We thank you, almighty God, for all your benefits.

You who live and reign forever and ever. The Lord give us his peace. And eternal life. Amen.

3. Prayer to ask for bread for all from faith

Lord, bless these foods that we receive from your generosity.

Give bread to those who are hungry and hunger for God to those who have bread. Amen.

4. Prayer to ask for food for others

Bless us, Lord, and bless our food.

Also bless those who have prepared them for us and give bread to those who do not have it.


Other beautiful prayers that we can do every day:

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