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Prayer that honors the Beings of Light and calls the Spirit of Good Luck

Prayer to the spirit of good luck

Honoring the guides, beings, and ancestors who protect us spiritually is the way to connect with that mysterious and sacred world that helps us so much on the paths of life.

The spiritual commissions They are spirits that take care of us and protect us from their astrality, beings that, although they have departed to the beyond with their energy, provide us with light, clarity, and intuition.

Those of us who still have our existence on earth use the power of spirits and ancestors to make better decisions, discover our essence, and the purpose of life that brought us here.

2 Miraculous prayers that give us strength and gratitude

These two prayers that we share can be performed in the light of a white candle, or any other light color, to provide assistance and light to all the beings who take care of us every day, guiding each of our steps.

Through prayer we can venerate the spirits, whether they are our deceased relatives or loved ones, or our ancestors who, although we did not know them, are also part of our spiritual lineage.

Beautiful prayer dedicated to our Spirit Guides to give thanks and ask for protection

The first thing before asking, is to thank so many of the blessings that we receive every day and that sometimes we forget that they are powerful in our lives and that thanks to them we are alive.

For this reason we offer this prayer that is an honor to the beings of light that protect us.

On behalf of all beings of light, on behalf of all my spirit guides, on behalf of all my ancestors, on behalf of all my relatives, friends, acquaintances and relatives, on behalf of all Archangels, angels and children, on behalf of all of you who always watch over us:

May the blessing of God fall on all of you, may divine protection keep you from evil, may the strength and the Light be with you, may there be peace and harmony and may you protect us from what we see and do not see, from what we feel and we do not perceive.

Deliver us Lord from evil, negativity and from all envy, ritual or dark magic that intends or wants to harm us.

Free us from all negative spirits and all the evil that exists, because we want the Light and the truth, because we want love and peace, and we will never give up, may God give us the strength to always be on the path and may this path always be that of goodness and light.

Thank you God that you have listened to me.

Powerful Prayer for the Spirit of Good Luck Praying for Good!

This prayer is a beautiful supplication for the spirits to bring us many good things through luck.

That gift that we sometimes lose by making bad decisions, and by not listening to the whispers of the spirits that come in the form of intuition, dreams and subliminal messages.

Let's learn to listen to each other, our spirits are always there to support us, even if you don't see them, trust and make this prayer from the heart:

Oh, mysterious spirit that directs all the threads of our life!

Come down to my humble abode; enlighten me to get through the secrets of abundance, the prize that fortune will give me and with it the happiness and well-being that my soul will receive; Observe my intentions that are pure and healthy and that they are aimed at the good and benefit of me and of humanity in general.

I do not want wealth to show myself selfish or tyrant, I want money to buy me the peace of my soul, the happiness of what I love and the prosperity of my hope.

Oh! Sovereign Spirit, if you believe that I must still spend many days on earth, suffering the discomforts that fate repairs me, your will be done; I resign myself to your decree.

But bear in mind my healthy intentions at this moment when I invoke the need in which I find myself and if it is written in the book of my destiny, my vows that are expressed with all sincerity in my heart may be satisfactorily attended. Amen.

We can make these prayers whenever we want, the most important thing is faith, but especially in the moments when we feel that we lose our strength, these prayers will be a sea of ​​love, gratitude and hope.

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