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How do we ask Mother Yemayá for a favor? Mighty like the sea

Prayer to Yemayá to request a petition

Yemayá is the Mother, the Yoruba goddess considered as the first to be born when the Supreme God Olofin created the world and all beings that habitan in it.

Yemayá is as beautiful as it is kind, as tender as it is fair, and as noble as it is humble. But she can get angry and relentlessly punish, especially those who outrage her.

His punishments are usually severe and just, since his word is as just as his own Obatala.

However, her devotees have Yemayá as an understanding mother, representative of wisdom and intelligence, qualities that she gives to her children so that they make the right decisions and follow the path of good.

Yemayá is the sovereign of the seas in the Yoruba religion, queen of all oceans and in general over salty waters, syncretized in Santeria with the Catholic image of the Virgin of Regla.

How to pray to the Queen of the Waters of the world?

When asking Yemayá for his help, we must remember his favorite offerings, such as the Okra prepared with yam or green banana, fruits such as orange or watermelon, and flowers such as white roses.

To communicate properly with the Orisha, we must know that she is a fervent protector of all women, and for this reason it is they who mainly invoke her through the use of prayers and prayers used to implore her help in solving many problems.

The prayers made to Yemayá are made with faith and much love, showing devotion to the goddess and not only the desire to see our requests materialized, but also our immense gratitude for her accompaniment.añaI lie.

To request your intervention and help keep in mind that:

Requests to Yemayá must be made in an appropriate way and with great respect, considering what elements are to the liking of the deity such as:

  • The color blue and ocean-related attributes like blue sails and snails.
  • If you wish, you can venerate it on an altar of adoration or in front of a representative image of this Orisha goddess.
  • Many consider that the best place to communicate with this goddess is precisely in front of the sea, as this is her natural temple and where she is present, that is why they go to pray to her from the shore or from the waters themselves.
  • The place must be in peace and quiet, whether in our home or nature, it is important to feel calm.

At the end of the article we leave some of Yemayá's favorite offerings.

Miraculous prayer to Yemayá to request a petition

Thus we express our deepest wishes and feelings with great faith, love and humility, but always showing conviction about what is asked and trust in the powers of the Queen of the Seas:

My dear goddess Yemayá, you who are the owner of the sea,

You who provide your devotees with protection and care equally for all beings of humanity,

Divine mother, help me to always save my body and mind,

Cleanse me with your salty waters of seas and oceans,

Always spread respect within our hearts,

So that we can always respond to you with veneration,

Well, you emanate greatness and you have enormous natural strength,

May your troops always protect us and your protection reach us,

I ask you powerful Orisha Yemayá, to help me (make your request)

Give me the energy to endure everything, and that with your help overcome what comes.

Oh hail, my beloved queen Yemayá, sovereign of the sea, venerated by me.

Rituals and offerings that we can offer to the Goddess:

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